Home Remedies to Cure Hepatitis


World Hepatitis Day is an international awareness day, celebrated annually on 28th July to raise its awareness, prevent the spread of disease, and eliminate it. Hepatitis is a liver infection that can lead to lifelong serious problems.

With new treatments that are too expensive and old ones with severe side effects, people are looking into alternative treatments and what is better than home treatments. Here are 5 effective home remedies to cure Hepatitis at home.


Buttermilk is better than regular milk as it does not have any fat and is therefore good for digestion. Drink buttermilk mixed with a pinch of salt, black pepper, cumin seeds every morning or evening. It is good for patients with hepatitis disease.

Tomato Juice

Drink one glass of tomato juice mixed with salt and pepper every morning to cure hepatitis. Tomatoes have lycopene which lowers the risk of liver disease.

Papaya leaves

Blend papaya leaves and honey together to make a thick paste. Eat this paste regularly for about two weeks. This is an effective home remedy to cure hepatitis.


Lemons are the most simple, easy, and common home ingredient that can cure liver disease. Lemon juice acts as an anti-inflammatory property that unblocks the bile ducts and protects the liver cells from any damage.



Spinach is a powerhouse of iron; therefore, spinach juice in the morning has several advantages. you can also add chopped spinach leaves to your lunch or dinner to be an effective home remedy.


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