Health Trends for 2018

Gear up for the next year!


The New Year is about to arrive and the air is thick with prospective resolutions. It’s common to make promises such as ‘this year I will shed a few pounds’ and ‘I will eat healthy this year’, but if you are a hard-core health enthusiast that won’t be enough for you! Here are some solid health trends to look out for if good health is anywhere on your list of priorities. Go on have a look!


Health Trends for 2018

The coming year is going to be all about probiotics. Here are some of the most healthy probiotic food items to dig in:


The latest honey batches are supposed to be rich in probiotics; so be sure to devour honey in 2018.


Same goes for chocolates! Probiotics will be added to chocolate bars as well as chocolate flavored supplements.


The tea next year is expected to contain heat-resistant probiotic strains and will be your ultimate antioxidant powerhouse.

Other Healthy Drinks

Plant-based waters such as maple, coconut, and aloe water deliver excellent flavors without tons of sugar and are extremely refreshing. Talking of refreshing drinks, watermelon juice is a great choice.

Finally, oat milk is going to be immensely popular in the upcoming year, thanks to its low dairy content and high health value.

What Not To Do In 2018 for Better Health

Health Trends for 201823

Here are some of the trends that will go extinct next year. Here’s what to avoid:

Extreme Dieting

Some of the previously popular diets are not going to be a part of 2018. These include dairy and meat free vegan diets as well as carb-cutting ketogenic diet; since they exclude crucial food groups from your diet.

Detoxifying Juices

Detox juices turned out to be some-what ineffective in claiming to clean the body toxins. Moreover, the weight loss that comes from using them is not sustainable either.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains rather high amount of saturated fat and is a big NO for 2018 as far as consumption is concerned. However, you can totally use it for beauty tricks.

Soy Milk

There is nothing quite wrong with it but it is definitely going to lose its luster to the new found variety of nut milks.

What To Do In 2018 for Better Health

Health Trends for 20182

Flexitarian Diet

Want to lose weight in 2018 without risking your health? Flexitarian diet is a plant-based food plan that allows meat on rare occasions so you can reap its health rewards too.


This excellent root is going to be everywhere in 2018 with its characteristic flavor. Not only is it going to be in solid food but also in beverages. Ginger infusions and drinks will be in the market, not to mention ginger tea, which is an all-time soothing tonic for common cold and flu.

Root Vegetables

We are not just talking about carrots here. Other root vegetables, such as sweet potato, rich in vitamin A, are going to be around a lot next year.

Other Nut Milks

You must be curios what is going to replace or at least share the fame with soy-milk. Let us satiate your curiosity; for almond and cashew milk are going to make it big in 2018.

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