Cardamom: Packed with Health and Wellness


Cardamom is famous for its soothing aroma and flavor; and it also serves benefits to your health. So, grab some cardamom, pick the perks and know what it has to offer you.

Improves Digestion

Bloating is a very common ailment that a person experiences. The use of cardamom for digestive problems is very much similar to that of ginger. It is used to treat acidity, heartburn, bloating, constipation, loss of appetite and several other gastric problems.

How to Use: Either chew it or make an aromatic cardamom tea. The sweet flavor of the spice soothes the gastric tract and improves digestion by regulating gastric juice therefore preventing acidity and heartburn.

It also helps improve your appetite. If you feel loss of appetite, sprinkle some of its powder onto your food.

Lowers Blood Pressure


Cardamom is packed with diuretic properties and is rich in fiber. It is effective for people with high blood pressure. With its capability to improve blood circulation, it significantly helps lower blood pressure.

How to Use: If you are suffering from hypertension, chew some cardamom to lower the elevated blood pressure.

Easy on Hiccups

Cardamom is known for its anti-spasmodic properties and helps you get rid of hiccups. It also provides relief from involuntary muscle spasm such as intestinal cramps and muscle cramps.

How to Use: Nibble on some cardamom seeds or swallow small amount of the seeds’ powder with water to get an immediate relief.

Alleviates Depression


Feeling down in the dumps? Just kick back and relax with a hot cup of soothing cardamom tea to fight depression. The seed has a natural ingredient that has a tendency to detoxify the body while reviving the body cells thus combating depression.

How to Use: Get a calming massage with cardamom oil to relieve mental strain and emotional stress. Moreover, it also makes you feel active and fresh.

Mouth Freshener

Looking for a natural mouth freshener? Chew cardamom. Apart from treating mouth ulcers and certain infections of the throat and mouth, it is also used as a breath freshener to reduce bad breath.

How to Use: Chew a couple of seeds to eliminate bad breath.

For Cold and Flu


Cardamom can also be used against the common cold or influenza. It is effective to relieve coughs, lowers fever and treats bronchitis. Moreover, it happens to be a good home-made remedy for headaches.

How to Use: If you suffer from headache and cold, drink cardamom tea and your headache will be gone in a jiffy. You can also add milk to it as per your preferences.

Beauty Benefits of Cardamom

Besides it’s uses in foods and drinks, cardamom is also effective in treating skin problems due to its cooling, soothing and hydrating properties.

  • Cardamom essential oil helps remove blemishes, giving you a fair complexion.
  • With its vitamin C content, it helps improve blood circulation throughout the body, hence improving skin complexion as well.
  • Black cardamom is often used to treat skin allergies with its anti-bacterial properties. It also flushes out toxins, detoxifies your body and provides you blemish-free clearer skin.

Flavor the Food with Cardamom

It is a multipurpose spice and is used as both health beneficial ingredient and for sweet and savory cooking. Use it for a touch of exotic essence to those plain dishes.

Some of the meal options may include,

  • Cardamom Flavored Smoothies: Add some seeds to the fruit smoothies and give them an exotic flavor.
  • Roasted meat or rice.
  • Cardamom tea or coffee, and the recipes go on.
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