Battling Constipation


As we are heading towards modern age, I have noticed a great increase in the number of diseases. We have become too advanced that now we can grow our food artificially as well. On one hand where it sounds too amazing, on the other, it has brought destruction to our health to some level. With the increase in the growth of vegetables and fruits artificially, every other day we see people complaining about issues related to their stomach, and one of them is constipation.

Stomach is indeed a very sensitive part of human body, yet it is always being ignored. We don’t take stomach aches seriously until and unless things go out of our hands. Constipation is one of the very common stomach diseases that is only taken seriously when it takes the shape of ‘Piles’. We all know very clearly what beast constipation is, “a condition in which there is difficulty in emptying bowels”. Whereas, piles is the extreme case of constipation which is terribly painful.

Constipation is dangerous; those who suffer this problem are not only bothered by their bulky lower stomach as well as they suffer acidity along with unbearable pain. It may not sound that scary but the one who goes through it knows very clearly how irritating this disease this.

However, it can be cured. It has a cure but it requires a lot of patience and determination on the part of sufferer. Firstly, in order to fight the disease one needs to change his/her routine of eating. Due to the craze of dieting, people skip their meals without realizing its consequences. One should never skip any meal; have three meals in a day. Never eat something in hurry, give time to yourself for finishing your meal.

We have been told the advantages of drinking a lot of water but we don’t waste our precious time drinking water, sadly! Keeping yourself hydrated also helps to this stomach disorder. The habit of drinking luke-warm water on empty stomach early morning does miracle to your stomach. It fights constipation and also helps reduce your waist.

Moreover, whether one is constipated or not, instead of eating carbohydrates all day, fibrous food should be consumed. Fibers help move bowels from intestinal tract easily. Oranges, guava, banana, raisins, nuts, figs, oats and barley are rich source of fibers. They not only fight constipation, also help shed weight as well as bring a phenomenal glow to your face.

Studies also suggest that constipation can be cured by using Asian toilet as compare to Western one. Yes, you read it absolutely correct. Modern age, modern things but this modernity at times is painful too. Use Asian toilets as it helps press your stomach that ends up giving relief to your constipation. Color therapy is yet another cure for constipation. Thinking about yellow color also helps one to get rid of constipation.

Stomach related issues should never be ignored. Take good care of yourself and make sure you visit a doctor even if your constipation can be cured by following above mentioned things.


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