Amazing Things about Star Anise (Badiyan ke phool)


Pakistani cuisine is exotic in its own way. Using a star shaped ingredient as a spice sounds strange, but the flavor is simply amazing. Star anise, commonly known as badiyan ke phool, is traditionally used as a spice and a healing herb in our household. Here we have rounded up some medicinal benefits of Badiyan Ke Phool that you should really know.

1. Anti-cancer Properties of Badiyan ke phool

We are surrounded by free radicals that are extremely dangerous for our body. They do their job before we even find out about it and die of cancer. It is better to take anti-oxidants in order to neutralize all of these free radicals in our body. Presence of vitamin A and C contribute in enhancing these anti-oxidant properties in star anise.

2. Fights Fungal Infections

We all end up getting some fungal infection at some point in our life. Essence of star anise is your easy way out if you are too lazy to visit your dermatologist. Researches show that star anise helps combat fungal infections, such as candidiasis; which is quite common in Asia.

 Star Anise for Flu

3. Star Anise for Flu

Star anise has been known to treat influenza. There are a lot of researches taking place on this, but what’s the harm in trying if you are a normal person who is too lazy to take proper medications. Add this spice to the steamer or just inhale its vapours.

4. Soothes Down Joint Pain

More than 50% women in Pakistan suffer from joint pain and osteoporosis. It is always better and easier to take precautions at home. Oil of star anise (badiyan ke phool) can be massaged on the joints and lower back to soothe down the pain. It also helps patients with rheumatism.

5. For Women

Women need to take proper care of their health during pregnancy and lactating period. Whatever they eat or drink not only affects them but also the baby. In Asian countries women consume star anise in their tea and food to increase immunity and milk secretion. This could be a truth or may actually be true, nobody knows yet, but what’s the harm in trying it anyway.

Sleep Disorders

6. Sleep Disorders

Staying up all night when all you really want to do is sleep becomes a problem for every other person. You end up doing the most stupid things to make yourself sleep but nothing works. Boil a glass of milk. add badiyan ka phool in it and drink it before going to bed. You will eventually get back on track if taken regularly.

7. Improves Digestion

Go easy on all the desi food if you don’t want to spend hours in bed complaining about bloating and gas. It’s not your fault if you can’t, because Pakistani cuisine is just too tempting. Spices like badiyan ke phhol literally save us from all the pain later on. It has enzymes which help get rid of bloating. Some girls have issues dealing with cramps during their periods and it gets really bad. Star anise helps cure the cramps and bloating issues. Thanks to the people who decided to add star anise

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