Amazing Benefits of Sitting on the Floor to Eat


The practice of sitting on the floor and eating has been practiced since the start of ancient times. To sit and eat was not only practiced on a regular basis, but was the norm of giving respect to food in the old times. Nowadays, the trends have changed with the evolution of technology. People have shifted to dining tables, chairs and sofas to eat rather than sitting on the floor. Through this article we shall be telling you the health tips and amazing benefits of why, eating whilst sitting on the floor should be practiced.

Best Health Tips for You

1. Improved of Posture

Whilst sitting on the floor, your body tends to get in shape automatically, hence improving the posture. It makes the digestive system to function properly and it also relieves the excessive amount of stress on the muscles and joints of the body. When you sit on the floor your back becomes straight which lengthens your spine, your shoulders are pushed back leading to an improved posture and less chances of injuries.

2. Strengthens Heart by Improving Circulation

According to different studies, it has been proved that when a person sits on the ground in a cross-legged position, it not only releases the pressure on the joints, but also leads to a better blood circulation around the heart which strengthens the cardiovascular system.

3. Lubrication of Joints

According to the authors and teachers of the famous exercises of yoga, it has been said that when the person is in a cross-legged position it not only makes the posture better, but also helps in the lubrication of the joints, which in turn leads to better functioning and adaptation of the overall joints of the body. With this habit being developed, the body prevents itself from getting bone degenerative diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

4. Controlling the Weight

When we sit down to eat, your brain goes in a relaxing state seeming to aid in giving more concentration to what you eat and drink. When your brain concentrates on the eating habits, you give more attention to what you are actually eating. Sitting down and eating makes your body a degree of fullness as signals are channelled to the sensory cortex of the brain via the vagus nerve. When you stand up to eat, this nerve does not function very efficiently, hence making you want to eat more. Therefore, eating whilst sitting aids in weight control as well.

5. Aids in a Longer Life Span

According to a study being published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, it was revealed that the people who participated and sat in a cross-legged position to eat and then got up without the assistance of any support, were on the verge of living longer than their counterparts. However, it was also published that the people who got up without the help of any support were at an alarming 6.5 percent chance of getting deceased in the next 5-6 years.

6. Digestion Assistance

Sitting on the floor to eat also helps with the digestive process. With the application of a cross-legged posture and constant back and forth movement during sitting, the body’s abdominal muscles and in constant motion which causes a more efficient secretion of the digestive juices which in turn helps achieve better digestion.

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