ADHD: Causes, Symptoms, Effects and Treatmentts


Attention deficit hyperactivity, an issue of not having the capacity to focus, being overactive, not being capable enough to control conduct, or a blend of these. ADHD today is spreading like flame in a bush. It is more common in young boys.

ADHD influences a child’s capacity to focus, learn and absorb, making it troublesome to coexist or adjust.ADHD sometimes has demonstrated uncommon side effects like being hyper active without having control on one’s own actions which can conceivably be extremely risky.


Up till now, there has been no defined reasoning that can tell what causes ADHD. Innovation in today’s time has taken control practically of almost everything. With time people continued progressing towards making life simple and ended up creating contraptions that really made us languid, dependent and diminished our reasoning capacity, considerably.

Numerous social sites and chat rooms available with easy access have occupied our childhood to a point of no return. Search engines have killed our observation building capacity and because of all these headways.

Excessive TV exposure can again be an explanation behind ADHD, especially in the wake of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt how inappropriate TV content is nowadays and all the more imperatively, without parental guidance or monitoring.

If a child is subjected to stress or witnesses oppression in his initial years he may wind up with ADHD. A chaotic family life or unreliable and irresponsible elderly folks can likewise be a reason for ADHD in the youthful ones of their gang.


If you think it is easy to identify symptoms of ADHD, you are wrong. This is because symptoms of ADHD are usually similar to a normal child like behavior. A closer examination must be done to analyze if a child is suffering from ADHD or is it normal hyper child like behavior.

Finding it difficult to focus on matters and objects or being hyper active is the most common symptoms of this disorder. According to the DSM criteria these symptoms should persist over a long period of time to label a child ADHD active.


Children with ADHD are frequently griped about for being less focused and are regularly called disobedient by parents and instructors. It is assumed that this hyper dynamic less focused conduct is a stage that the kid would grow out of; however, ADHD stays over a drawn out stretch of time and fundamentally has specific side effects that continue in adolescent and adulthood as well.

ADHD is a mixture of both, absence of focus and hyper action; therefore if symptoms of ADHD are present in your youngster for a considerable period of time, you may need to get a psycho metric test done without deferral.

Side effects incorporate being resistant, continually moving about, hyper ventilating or being amazingly energized or excited, fidgeting with items, temper issues, finding it hard to play discreetly, unusual eagerness for e.g. replying or answering without thinking, not having the capacity to sit tight and wait forhis/her turn, not having the capacity to focus on directions and following them.

Regardless of such symptoms and negative outcomes when it comes to studying or other activities youngsters experiencing ADHD are known to be innovative, great at multi-tasking, euphoric, energetic and adaptable.


Despite the fact that ADHD is generally biological, one may use certain approaches to reduce its effects on kids who have it or prevent your youngster from being prone to having it. Hyper dynamic youngsters should be requested that by parents to relax and try to slow down with every activity they do.

You ought to urge your child to listen to any guideline you carefully and reward them for proper compliance as an encouragement for focusing and paying attention, violent games, shouting, running or making superfluous commotion should be discouraged to inculcate a mellow personality.

Kids should not be given excessive amount of sugar and foods including sugar. Confections and chocolates ought not to be given regularly. Parents should try to have a decently settled and peaceful family environment and if there are any family issues they ought to be settled without the kids or in isolation.

Giving the kid frequent feedback about his performance may help improve his behavior.  All we can do is pray to God for our future eras to be safe from this undesirable disorder and for the individuals who are experiencing this disorder to make a speedy recuperation and get back on track like an ordinary child.

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