9 Super Benefits of Black Cumin Seeds (Kalonji)


You may not know about black cumin seeds, but you must have heard of kalonji, because that’s the name used for it in desi household. Kalonji cannot really be related to cumin because of its peculiar aroma and color, although it belongs to the same family. Below are a few benefits of black cumin seeds (Kalonji) that you need to know in order to value those tiny black seeds that you avoid at home.

1. Kalonji for Acne

Mixture of black cumin seeds oil and apple cider vinegar can be used to treat acne and many other skin problems. Mix the oil and the vinegar in equal ratios. Let the mixture sit for 2 weeks and then strain it. Heat it up till the color changes and the store it in a mason jar. You may refrigerate it. Apply the mixture on your skin and leave it on for a while and the wash it off. This remedy is very effective.

2. Anti-anxiety and Anti-depression

Kalonji oil is known to stabilize mood. It also acts as an anti-fatigue and anti-depressant for males and decreases anxiety and depression.

3. Kalonji for Digestion

Black cumin seeds help in digestion. It has been proven that it helps cure loss of appetite, diarrhea and acidity.

Kalonji for Digestion

4. Improves Memory

Apart from almonds, black cumin seeds are also known to improve memory. 500 mg of black cumin seeds taken twice daily over the period of nine weeks can enhance your memory and attention span.

5. Breast Cancer

The extract of black cumin seeds has been known to stop the growth of tumors and cancers. You cannot only depend on this, but it is better to use it in a daily life to stay on the safe side.

6. Epilepsy

Epilepsy is not very common, but if you know someone who is suffering from it, then you must tell them about black cumin seeds. Kalonji has anti convulsion properties that have been known to be effective in reducing the frequency of seizures in children who resist conventional treatments.


7. Kalonji for Bladder Issues

This might be just a myth, but it is practiced in many houses. Eating a pinch of kalonji with warm water before breakfast helps cure bladder and kidney infections.

8. Brain Damage Caused by Lead

These cases are rare but do happen and very deadly. Study shows that black cumin seeds reverse the damage caused to the brain because of lead.

9. Eczema

Winter is probably the worst season for you if you are suffering from severe eczema. Extracts and oil of black cumin seeds can be used externally to cure eczema and to nourish your skin

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