8 Home Remedies For Earache


Earache is pretty much unbearable just like toothaches. They can be caused by several reasons. It is mostly due to fluid buildup in the middle ear or an infection. It can also be cause by common cold, wax in the ear, sinus issues and damage to the internal ear. It is always better to go see your doctor at the first place but you can always try some home remedies for ear pain.

Here are a few remedies for earache that you may try at home.

Olive Oil

Oils have been proven to soothe pains over the years. It is the most common remedy and can easily be done. Olive oil and mustard oil are less viscous so they are easier to use than any other oils.


  1. Put three to four drops of lukewarm oil into the ear canal.
  2. Tilt the person’s head in the opposite direction.
  3. Do not worry about it flowing across your eardrum.
  4. Clean the your ear with a cotton as it will soak up all the oil.

Note: Garlic oil can also be used as it has anti-bacterial properties.



It sounds strange and the smell may agitate you but it really works! Some people heat the onion to soften, then leave it till it’s a little warm and put it directly on the affected ear.

You can also squeeze out some onion juice and put a few drops of lukewarm onion juice into your ear. It is beneficial for earaches due to infections. Make sure there are no scratches or wounds because then it may burn a little.

Apple Cider Vinegar


This is usually available at homes for salad dressing and weight loss drinks. If not, then you can easily find it at any superstore.

  1. Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar into your ear.
  2. Let it stay inside the ear canal for a minute.
  3. Tilt your head and it will run out of the ear.



Honey does miracles when it comes to healing. It is used in several remedies and certainly does soothe the pain. It can be swabbed around the ear canal and later cleaned by a cotton. You can repeat this several times in a day till you see a difference.


Steam Inhalation

Not all of us are big fan of steam. You probably get annoyed when your doctor suggests to do that but you should also know that it has many benefits. If your ear pain is due to sinus issues then the steam helps opening the sinus canals. It calms you down and also cure flu.

Note: Be careful you don’t burn yourself.

Peppermint: (pudeena)


Peppermint leaves and peppermint oil beneficial for earaches. It isn’t common but it certainly does work.

  1. Put fresh peppermint juice in a dropper (if not available just use a spoon)and then put a few drops in the ear canal.
  2. Swab peppermint oil externally around the affected area with the help of cotton.
  3. Avoid getting the oil inside the ear canal.

Basil (Tulsi)


It has anti-inflammatory, cleansing, analgesic and detoxing properties. It relieves earaches and helps reduce wax formation.

  1. Crush the leaves and extract the juice.
  2. Put four drops in the ear canal.
  3. Repeat this twice daily till you see a difference.



Neem is a very common ingredient. Its juice can be consumed, as it is an anti-oxidant. It has anti-inflammatory, potent antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight against all sorts of ear infections and soothes earaches.

  1. Extract the juice and put few drops in the ear canal of the affected ear.
  2. Soak cotton in neem oil and put inside the ear canal for few minutes.
  3. Discard it after a while. (Make sure you squeeze out excess oil from the cotton ball)

Ear Care

There are certain things that you should avoid:

  • Do not insert foreign objects in your ear canal as it can damage the eardrum.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself while using a cotton bud to clean your ear.
  • Avoid diving too deep into the water without earplugs especially if you are not a pro swimmer.
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