7 Foods You Never Thought Can Cause Health Issues


At some point in time, we used to have complete freedom to eat whatever we wanted. Consuming street food like chaats, gol gappas, samosas, or even enjoying expensive junk food has always been an option. However, we tend to completely ignore how excessive calroies can cause serious health issues especially after we touch the age of 30!

So, how do we turn back the biological clock and stay young? This is not easy but if you wish to enjoy life after turning 30 then it is best to make serious diet and lifestyle changes. Here are a few food items you should avoid to incorporate in your health plan to have a ‘hearty thirty’.



Coleslaw is surely a yummy dip for your French fries or bucket of fried chicken. Don’t be deceived! Apart from good vegies, it is also full of fatty mayonnaise and fills your body with calories. Instead of coleslaw, go for low-fat yogurt that contains natural calcium.



Everyone loves frosting but it is time to seriously ditch it. It can decrease the amount of ‘good’ cholesterol or HDL and increases the amount of ‘bad’ cholesterol or LDL in your body. The amount of fat and sugar in the frosting will make you prone to Type-II diabetes and the chance of developing cardiovascular disease is higher.


Coffee and Caffeinated Beverages

Coffee is our sole companion to kick start the day. However, it is harmful as caffeinated drinks can dehydrate the body and compel you to drink more of it. Coffee can temporarily increase energy levels, but it can cause wrinkles, fine lines and makes the face look tired. So, instead of seeking short-term pleasure, we should focus on long-term solutions like Lemon water which is a great way to start your day. It’s caffeine-and calorie-free and provides an ample dose of vitamin C.


Packed Sandwiches

Stay away from store-packed sandwiches that are full of mayonnaise and cheese. Instead, eat sandwiches made of whole meal bread, lean meat, freshly cut salad, and a little bit of salad dressing.


Tomato Sauce or Ketchup

Readymade tomato sauce or ketchup is full of refined sugar that makes you prone to diabetes in the long run. The artificial color and preservatives of the sauce are harmful to the digestive system. Go for homemade tomato sauce to add flavor to your pasta.


Soy Sauce

It is true that soy sauce adds an extra zing to your Chinese food. But it can cause water retention, increases sodium levels in your bloodstream and blood pressure due to its high sodium content.


Whole Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products are a great source of calcium and vitamins but an overdose can be harmful. A high intake of dairy products can increase insulin levels and increase body weight. They are full of saturated fats and can lead to heart diseases.

You should take serious steps in building a strong immune system to fight against age-related disease in the future. Small steps go a long way, try to consume homemade foods, eat vegetables and fresh fruits instead of drinking box juice or eating canned vegetables. Cut down on hot dogs and chips. You can turn back the clock by adopting healthy eating habits and a disciplined lifestyle. Remember healthy eating habit is the key to a happy and healthy life ahead.

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