6 Ways Water Makes You Beautiful


Have you ever noticed how you feel tired and cranky, and your hair and eyes are dull when you haven’t had enough water? This is because the human body is roughly 70% water and it is an essential nutrient for your body to function. You should be drinking a minimum of 8 glasses a day in order to replace the large amounts you lose through skin evaporation, sweating, breathing, and urine. If your water intake doesn’t match your output then you can become dehydrated, which is unhealthy and potentially dangerous, especially for small children. Water loss is even more rigorous in warmer clients, so for us Pakistani’s drinking water is a priority

Although you might be aware of the health reasons for water, you might not be informed about its beauty benefits. Read further to learn about ways in which water makes you beautiful from the outside:

Pore Cleanser

Our skin and body is exposed to a number of pollutants and toxins throughout the day. If the body accumulates more toxins than what the liver and kidneys can handle, then the skin takes over. Excessive toxins then leave through the skin and if the body is even slightly dehydrated then the pores become clogged. To help your skin remove toxins and keep your body and pores clear, drink water and stay hydrated.

Toned Skin

One of the numerous benefits of drinking water is that it gets stored in our cells, which expand when properly hydrated with essential H2O causing our skin to look tighter and toned. So instead of visiting the dermatologist for a jab, drink up and help smooth out the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite and flappy skin.

Shiny Hair

You can be getting a weekly protein treatment at your local parlor, but if you hair is dehydrated, there aren’t enough hair treatments to bring it back to life. Our hair is made up of 5% water and 95% protein so when you drink lots of water your hair looks more alive and bouncy. Not only can water make it shiny, but it can help stimulate hair growth, so put down the Rogaine and drink up!

Fight Acne

Like we said before, water is your body’s way of getting rid of toxins and if you’re dehydrated then your pores become clogged. When ridding itself of toxins, your skin’s pH can change. When combined with clogged pores, this is an acne breakout waiting to happen! When you have acne, look at it as a sign that your body chemistry is imbalanced and your detoxification system is backed up. Before begging for harsh retinoid creams from your dermatologist start by drinking half your body weight in ounces of water and see the magic happen.

Sparkling Eyes

Dull, lifeless and bloodshot eyes can be due to many factors, such as illness, diet and dehydration. If you’ve crossed out any medical reasons then it’s time to pretty up those peepers by treating them internally by drinking water.

Weight Loss

Have you ever had a full meal, felt stuffed and then craved food soon after? This might be because your body is dehydrated and is sending you signals to drink up but you’re confusing it with eat up.   Although eating will give you the necessary fluids your body is craving, it’ll also give you unnecessary weight gain.  So next time you feel hungry try having a glass of water instead and see if it kills the craving.

The Takeaway

After reading about the numerous health and beauty benefits of water, we hope you’re chugging away as you read this last paragraph. With benefits like clear skin, sparkling eyes, shiny hair and a smaller waist line, there is nothing keeping you from going above and beyond your minimum eight glasses a day.


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