5 Ways to Prepare your Body for Ramadan


Fasting during summer is extremely challenging and as we approach Ramadan, we always wonder how to cope with the first few days. So, in order to make the most out of this Holly month follow these 5 ways to prepare your body for Ramadan.

Consult with a doctor first

If you are going through an illness or had surgery recently and you’re not sure if fasting is good for you right now, then you need to consult your doctor to know if you are in the right position to fast.

Early breakfast

The best way to prepare for Sehri is to have breakfast early in the morning. This will not only make you accustomed to the first few days of Ramadan but also it will provide the strength you need to get through your fast.

Avoid snack times

Avoid eating snacks throughout the day, rather get used to three-course meals a day only. This will prepare your body for Ramadan where you’re only accustomed to two meals (Sehri and Iftar).

Regulate sleep

Before Ramadan, you need to adjust your sleeping routine, especially if you are a late sleeper, so that you can wake up for Sehri.

Food consumption

Consuming a lot of food throughout the day will only increase your appetite. To make Ramadan easy, have some control over your appetite and avoid splurging on food.

So, are you ready for Ramadan?

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