10% of the Pakistani Population Has Nervous System Diseases


The number of Pakistani population affected with nervous system diseases is increasing at an alarming rate. It is imperative for the population at large to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent an onset of such diseases. The aforementioned concerns were discussed by medical experts in a Neurology Conference organized recently at a local hotel by the Pakistan Society of Neurology.

Several medical experts presented their research studies on nervous system diseases at this event. According to the panel of experts, up to 1 billion people worldwide suffer from a plethora of nervous system diseases.

The most commonly reported diseases are strokes, epilepsy, tetanus, AIDS and migraine, among countless others. On a local front, strokes claim the lives of an estimated 400 people daily. Cholesterol, blood pressure, and smoking are the most widely reported causes of the rapid increase in the number of reported stroke cases.

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