10 Healthcare Tips for Diabetics


When it comes to managing a healthy lifestyle, diabetics come across a lot of problems. However, managing this disease can help you lead a better life.

With some care, you can protect your body from further degeneration; as diabetes can cause additional health problems like heart attacks, strokes, nerve damage in the hands and feet, vision loss and kidney problems.

Most people want to help themselves but don’t know where to start or what to do. Don’t worry! The following tips can help you manage diabetes!

Tip #1: Manage Stress

Chronic or everyday stress can raise cortisol levels

An increased amount of cortisol triggers an unnecessary urge to eat comfort food as the body thinks it needs to replenish energy. This can cause you to gain extra weight.

In order to manage diabetes, an unhealthy eating pattern is just what you need to avoid. Take a deep breath, do yoga, take walks and enjoy your leisure time in order to reduce stress.

Tip #2: Keep Track Of Your Health Numbers

You need to keep your blood cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and weight in check. Look for sudden changes and report to your doctor. It is important for diabetics to maintain these body stats in order to lead a healthier life.

Tip #3: Exercise Daily

10 Healthcare Tips for Diabetics

Aside from diet and medication, exercise is the best way to maintain or reduce your weight or blood sugar for diabetics. It is strongly recommended for especially those with type 2 diabetes.

However if you aren’t used to exercising, start with slow paced walks in the park. Or a little light weight lifting at the gym. You can also try yoga. Work your way up and don’t rush yourself.

Tip #4: Loose Those Extra Pounds

Being overweight is one of the biggest risk factors for diabetics. Even losing just 10% of your total weight can help you improve your health. Every single pound counts.

Tip #5: Maintain Routine Checkups

The ideal weight is between 18.5 and 24.9 BMI

Check your blood sugar daily. Get Ac1 blood tests for diabetes every two or three months, and watch your blood pressure and cholesterol routinely. Discuss irregular changes with your doctor and come up with countermeasures to improve your health.

Tip #6: Sleep Well

10 Healthcare Tips for Diabetics

A good night’s sleep is very important to maintain a balance in body functions like appetite and weight control. Hence, make sure you get up to 7 hours of sleep every day. Research also links sleep deprivation to body insulin resistance. A steady cycle of sleep will result in a generally better day.

Tip #7: Keep Track Of Your Progress

Another important thing that people tend to ignore is observing how your body changes. Keeping a track of your progress can help you observe patterns, know what to avoid and help you or your doctor come up with a more suitable daily routine.

Tip #8: Eat More Fiber and Complex Carbohydrates

Fiber helps reduce weight by making you feel full, lowers the risk of heart diseases and improves blood sugar level

Fiber is necessary for your muscles. Similarly, complex carbs from whole grains also maintain blood sugar levels and provide you with energy to carry out daily tasks.

Tip #9: Know Your Fats

One of the most difficult and yet the most important task is to cut out saturated fats and trans fats from your diabetic diet. They tend to disrupt your blood cholesterol levels and increase weight. Heavy dairy products, fried food and processed foods are the worst type of foods that you can have in your diet. Instead increase your intake of healthy unsaturated fats that promote heart health and maintain cholesterol.

Tip #10: It’s Ok to Enjoy Yourself

It’s alright to have a little sugar. You don’t have to go to zero chocolate in one day. Just don’t eat a lot of it in one go. Enjoy yourself with comfort foods but limit the potion size and frequency!

These tips will help diabetics lead a healthier lifestyle and manage diabetes.

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