Running Apps That You Should Try Out At Least Once In Your Life


We live in the golden era where everything is available on your fingertips.  We are very much used to our phones to track and control everything through it. This can be beneficial when it comes to exercises and workouts. You can find the ultimate running companion in your phone in the form of running apps. It can help you track the runs, provide soundtracks, help you guide through the city with the help of maps.

Following are some of the running apps that could be useful for you. Check them out!


Keep up to date with all your runs; in fact, there is a chance to compete with millions of other users of Strava over different segments. No other app provides you with an opportunity to be the world record holder. One of the best features of this app is that your family can track you, for safety purposes, while you are running.

Nike + Run Club

In the storm of thousands of apps, it gets really hard to stand out with unique features. Well, that is what Nike + Run Club app does. It guides you through different sessions, like speed runs, long runs, beginner runs, short runs, etc. in addition, the app has also launched something for people to escape from their stress. It is known as Run with Headspace. The best part is that the app users get early access to new products by Nike.


This app is proving to be true to its name. It allows you to relive your outdoor activities. It plots the run on 3D map and highlights your steps, speed, heart rate, etc.  If you take pictures while running or working out, relive automatically compiles all the pictures you’ve taken and makes a video out of it. You can later share it on the social media.


Running Apps That You Should Try Out At Least Once In Your Life 5When you are flying off to a different city, this app is really helpful.  It offers audio tours of over one hundred and twenty cities. It directs you around 15k kilometer routes, passing through all the major tourist spots.  The distinctive thing about this app is that you can download the routes and audio, and use it without wasting huge amount of mobile data.

Running Pace Calculator

Running Apps That You Should Try Out At Least Once In Your Life 6

At times, you have to check the pace of your runs. For this, you need to time it and figure out in how many minutes you will be able to cover 10 or 20 kilometers.  So this app helps you accordingly when you have a target in mind. It breaks up your long runs in small chunks.

Zombies Run
Running Apps That You Should Try Out At Least Once In Your Life 9

Despite many attempts, no fitness app has reached to this point like the zombie app. It teaches you how to run for life when the end is near, and there are zombies behind you. First, it develops a story which motivates you to run faster. Gives you missions on running to ensure the survival of human race.

All these running apps are available on Google Playstore and App Store.

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