Hacks to Cheat AGEING in your Everyday Routine


Every passing birthday we embrace the wisdom and experience that comes with getting old, but embracing lines and wrinkles can be way more challenging. However, there are a handful of tips you can add up to your everyday routine to make you look and feel like your best self.

Get Icy

Rubbing a few ice cubes on your face for a minute can slow down the metabolic activity that can lead to visible signs of ageing. Once you remove the ice, blood rushing to the skin’s surface can help carry away toxins components that cause wrinkles.

Eating Berries

Turn your morning breakfast into a brain booster. Eating berries, that are full of natural antioxidants like flavonoids, may help stave off the cognitive decline that accompanies ageing.

Lemon Juice

Whatever you cook for lunch or dinner, make sure you add few squeezes of lemon juice. A new study shows that the production of harmful compounds, like AGEs, linked to ageing and chronic disease can be reduced if you marinate meats in lemon juice. You can also add few squeezes of lemon juice to your salad which is not only good for the immune system but will also add a flavor to the salad.

Take these steps to grow younger and healthier each day.

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