How to Get Rid of Neck Pain at Home?


The neck of a human being is the most intricate part of the entire body as apart from being used for several things like keeping our head straight and other things, it is also used to house several major arteries and organs and helps keeps our brain connected to the entire body. When we have neck pain it causes all of our mobility and other bodily functions to suffer as we cannot function properly.

Neck Pain can be a range of different types, it can be a sharp pain, a dull ache, pain from nearby muscles that support the neck. It can even be caused by headaches, numbness, and tenderness and can result in difficulty in mobility and eating several things and even swelling in some severe cases.

Suffering is at its peak when our neck is under question, our body relies on our neck and if it has pain then we have a problem. The pain can have a direct impact on or posture as our back bone goes through the neck to attach to the brain and this is a very intricate thing in the neck as this controls how we stand, walk and move our other body parts. While the neck pain can be due to very small reasons as well, if a person has a bad posture or the person slept on a hard surface some stiffness can be seen.

However, there are some easy ways you can use to get rid of neck pain at home. But if neck pain is severe, consult your doctor.

1. Ice Pack

Ah yes, the ice pack. Ever since we were young we have been using an ice pack or at least have seen someone use it, many people use this trick and it is effective. Using ice can help reduce inflammation and cure the pain. If you don’t own an ice pack, well, do not worry, just put a few ice cubes in a cloth and use it or even use frozen vegetable pack. But keep in mind to avoid using ice directly onto the skin as it can cause other problems as well.

2. Water Therapy

Another very effective and very old method is that of water. If you feel pain or soreness in the neck or any other body part for instance, then you can solve it easily just go to the bathroom turn the shower on and let the water fall on to the affected area. The pressure of the water will help reduce the pain that you are feeling in that area. If using a bucket, same method applies. Just pour water on yourself on that affected area. Just keep the affected area straight when applying water. Don’t move it too much.

3. Salt Bath

Used by ancient people to solve their ailments, you can also use this to solve your pains. Taking a bath in the salt water can help relieve the tension in your muscles, it can also help reduce the stress in your muscles and acts as an instant pain reliever. Using Epsom salt is more effective in this part as the magnesium found in the Epsom salt is a natural muscle relaxant. This can help reduce the pain and also reduce the swelling dramatically. So, having a bath using salt can be very beneficial for your aches. But this remedy should be avoided by those who have heart problems or a history of high blood pressure.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar is available in every superstore in your cities. Using it is extremely beneficial for neck pains. Vinegar is a natural antioxidant and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce the level of neck pain drastically. Also, it has a number of important minerals and nutrients that help eliminate any nutrient deficiency related neck pain that a person might be suffering from.

5. Exercises

Go to any orthopedic or a neurosurgeon they will tell you to exercise. There are several exercises that a person can do to remove the pain from the neck, it is better to consult a doctor on these exercises before trying as sometimes pain increases when you start the exercise. However, here are some of the exercises for neck pain.

  • Slowly rotate your neck, first clockwise then anti clockwise a few times throughout the day when you are free.
  • Slowly move your neck back and forth a few times throughout the day when you are free.
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