Get A Perfect Body: Best Ways To Gain Weight Naturally


If you’re underweight, you’re more likely to suffer from health issues such as low bone mass, increased risk of anemia, difficulty in recovering from illness, and many more. Being healthy and fit not only decreases the risk of these health issues, but also gives you a dashing personality. 

To gain weight naturally, you need to get on a nutritious diet and hit the gym. Gaining weight naturally isn’t a short-term process. Usually, it’ll take several months to produce a noticeable change.  

In this article, you’ll learn how you can gain weight naturally. 

Gaining Muscle Vs Gaining Fat

You can gain weight in two ways: either by gaining muscle mass or by gaining fat mass. Body fat of more than 20% isn’t good for you. So to get a perfect body, you need to focus more on building muscle, rather than gaining fat. Try to keep your fat mass around 17%. That way, you would remain in the “fit people” category.

As a starter, you can follow a five-day workout plan to build your muscles. 

 Experts Tips To Gain Weight Naturally

  • Follow a good workout plan: You can choose between a split or push/pull/leg workout plan. Both are good at their place, the common thing in both these workout plans which you need to do here is start lifting heavyweight with less repetition. 

Your resting time between two sets, to cool down your muscles, shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds. 

If you have a busy schedule and you aren’t able to manage time, you can go with a three-day workout plan in your house. You can check the best home gyms at

If you’re a novice, take the help of your gym trainer while performing exercises like bench press and squats. 

  • Take proper rest: You need to take proper rest so that your muscles can recover properly. 
  • Proper diet: This is the most important part of gaining weight. Without a proper diet, you can’t gain muscle mass. You don’t build muscle when you exercise. That’s because, during workouts, you’re only tearing your muscles.

Your muscles build when you take a nice diet and rest properly. 

Also, you should take protein as per your body weight. For example, if your body weight is 70 kg, then you should take a minimum of 70 grams of protein daily. Along with this, you should consume 2, 500 calories daily. 

  • Weight gainer: These weight gainers will give you a kick-start due to them having a good amount of protein per scoop. Also, these gainers contain BCAA, which is an amino acid that helps in faster recovery. 


For fabulous health, you must maintain a good weight. To do that, you need to stay on a proper diet and go to the gym regularly. 

You can follow a workout plan that suits your schedule. You can either go with a split or push/pull/leg plan but remember to lift heavy weight with fewer reps. 

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