Exercise Tips: Lose 200 Calories in Under 3 Minutes

10 exercises to cut down fat within 3 minutes!


The new findings are keeping up with an average person’s schedule that is getting busier by the day. First, it was the 20 minutes exercise regimen that had been proven to increase human metabolic rate. Now a related study has unearthed that an intense workout of just 2.5 minutes has the potential to boost the daily calorie burn to around an extra 200 calories. Here are some exercise tips that can be performed in under 3-minutes, yes you heard it right!

Do you find it hard to fit a several-hour workout program in your routine? There is no need to worry because these 10 intense but quick exercises can increase your calorie-burning rate.

Break them into a 1-minute or 30-seconds interval and they will be even more manageable.

You can stick to one or go for 5 different ones, each for 30 seconds.


Burpees are your classic gateway to challenge all your muscles in under 3 minutes. It makes you move from a standing position to squatting, and finally to the push-up postures. That is a lot of movement, right?

Exercise Tips: Lose 200 Calories1

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are ideal to jolt your heart rate in just a few seconds. Besides, taking care of the cardio part of your workout regime, these are also easy to do since there are no special requirements.

Exercise Tips: Lose 200 Calories2


This is a simple plank-to-squat exercise. However, despite its simplicity, you will feel your heart pumping only in 30 seconds. It requires you to start in a plank position, then jump your feet to the outside of your feet keeping your hands at the floor in a deep squat posture. Now you get back to the plank position with a jump. Repeat this process.

Mountain Climbers

This exercise builds your core muscles and strengthens the legs. This is why it forms an important part in our exercise tips. Meanwhile, this is a cardio move and keeps you heart racing too.

Exercise Tips: Lose 200 Calories4

Running up the Stairs

What would be a better and simpler way to tone your backside than running up and down the stairs? Do it as often as you can to get in shape in no time.

Exercise Tips: Lose 200 Calories5

Jump Squats

Start with a squat position then jump forcefully. Land on the floor and resume the squat position. Do it as quietly as possible. This makes one rep, do as many as you want.

Walking Lunges

This exercise develops your balance all the while strengthening your lower body and core. However, you must be careful with walking lunges to avoid ankle or knee strain.

Exercise Tips: Lose 200 Calories7

High Knees

This exercise requires you to run while pumping your arms and core. All the while you should strive to maintain an upright position while keeping your knees high and doing your speed bursts of 30 seconds.

Exercise Tips: Lose 200 Calories8

Lateral Hops

Next up in our exercise tips are lateral hops. Make side to side jumps as if you were moving over an imaginary line.

Box Step

Use a stool or a step, and aim your toes towards it. Then tap your toes on the box or stool lightly. Jump again and switch feet, bringing the right foot front this time.

Exercise Tips: Lose 200 Calories in 1

These exercise tips bring you a few easy-to-do, calorie burning exercises that will take you just under 3-minutes to perform. Add them to your workout routine and you will be in shape in no time!

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