10 Ways to Burn Down Fat Quickly


Fat on your body can often be a cause for social embarrassment or shame but all those days are gone. We have some great effective techniques that will not only make you lose all that extra body fat on your body, but make you look healthier and fresher. However, what we are proposing is not a onetime challenge or a quick fix, it’s more like a lifestyle. If you can have a healthy lifestyle, you can have a healthy you! Here are some ways to go fit:

Muscle build-up

In order to Burn Down fat, you’ve got to hit the gym. Start on that road towards muscle growth. Pick up the weights and start working out. Studies prove that for every pound of muscle gained, it leads to a loss of 35-50 calories per day, or up to 1500 calories per month and 18,000 per year

Limit rests

In between your sets, limit that time of rest. Stop talking, and regain that energy for the next set. Although you might not be able to lift more, but the caloric Burn Down is more important. Studies show that a period of 30-40 seconds rest leads to 50% more caloric loss compared to a three minute rest.

Fast pace

The incorporation of drop-sets and super-sets can do great work for you in your workouts. Pairing exercises is called super setting. You do not rest between pairings, but only on completion of the second exercise within the super set while Drop sets are used by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and also will increase your muscular endurance. Drop sets allow you to extend your set beyond its normal termination point. Less rest, more muscle activity is the key. So, increase the pace and work yourself to the limit to get results. No pain, no gain people.

Trick your body

Trick your catabolic growth by incorporating different routines in your regime. Use barbells instead of dumbbells, drop-sets and super-sets inclusion. Intensity training can also work. You are the one who knows your body the best. Keep experimenting, keep gaining, keep getting stronger.

Compound exercises

Compound exercises use the most amount of muscles. For example leg squats, dead lifts, shoulder presses etc. The more the muscle used, the more calories burnt. Isolation movements should be there, but to a lesser extent.

Rest your body

Rest can also help you achieve your desired goals. Get sleep for about 8 hours daily to help the body to regain that muscle which you worked hard to build. Rest is important also to get the muscle rejuvenation for working again. So, yeah “Rest Is Necessary”

Lift more, burn more

Adding weights, helps you burn more. Studies prove by adding 5-10% more weight, you can Burn Down up to 500 calories in just 2-3 days. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Use your core

Core build up is really important. But don’t blast your abs with heavy weights. Use a weight from which you can complete 15 repetitions per set, with a rest of one minute.

Holding your hands back

Probably, one of the most important and less easy things to do is “holding yourself back.” Stop eating junk, eat good food. Incorporate the use of fresh juices, they can give you a rich of source of Vitamins and minerals. Use of nuts, can give you important fatty acids (yes, good fats). Salads can do wonders.

Chart your progress

Performance maintenance is another very important tip. Whatever you do, write that down. Every day, will not be your best. But you’ll get to know where you lacked. You can improve that particular area the next time you workout. Do the math, people.

So move that body towards a better lifestyle. Less risk of disease, more happiness. More active routine, makes a happier you. You only live once, make it count people.


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