3 Things About Body Positivity Everyone Needs To Know!


It’s about time the human kind unlearned all of its preconceived notions about which bodies are worth praise and acceptance. And that’s body positivity in a nutshell.

It’s recognizing that all bodies are valuable, respectable and lovable. It’s giving each person the authority to decide what feels good and healthy to them personally. And it’s understanding that we all deserve to live in a body without being subjected to the prejudice of others. No one should be a target of rude comments, inadequate healthcare, fewer opportunities or disrespect, just because of how we look.

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The body positivity movement has gained steam in the last decade. But the age-old ideas of female beauty still haunt us. And we all know how unrealistic and unachievable they are for most people across the world. The flat stomach, high cheekbones, defined neck and jaw bones, big eyes, long flowing hair, and light skin… these are the images men and women are being sold in the name of beauty. And these images haunt everyone who doesn’t have this ‘perfect’ body.

But now thanks to body positivity, this singular image of beauty is being challenged on all media. It is finally dying, as more people recognize that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

Would you like to be a part of the body positivity movement?

Here are three things you need to know:


1. You Should Love Every Part of Your Body and Let Go of Insecurities

The world needs body positivity precisely because pretty much everyone is dealing with insecurities. Saying that you accept your body as it is, doesn’t automatically make that hypercritical and negative nagging voice inside your head go away.

Embrace your physical features even if you are insecure about them. It’s okay to be insecure. But there is no need to deny the truth that you are uniquely you, and these features make you who you are. Work with the insecurities, destroying them one at a time.


2. Body Positivity Is for People of All Sizes

You’d be surprised about how many people say things like, “Body positivity is only for plus-size women!” And then there is the surprisingly large number of ‘fitspo’ Instagrammers who claim that the only people who should be positive about their bodies are the ones eating right and working out to look like Instagram models themselves! BTW, it isn’t the only option for anyone who wants to be healthy. There are so many ways to get fit and stay healthy because everyone’s bodies respond to food and exercise in different ways.

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In actuality, a body positive life is on where you accept yourself (and others) regardless of size. Body positivity is for anyone who has struggled with body image issues. Even the fittest, hottest, sexiest men and women have parts of their body they aren’t so confident about. And even people with the most perfect bodies may be in bad health because of poor diet. They all need body positivity, because, body positivity isn’t about being a certain size but being healthy, and happy.


3. But Body Positivity Doesn’t Mean You Can Let Go of Healthy Habits

Body positivity helps people come to an understanding with their physicality. But it is in no way meant to enable you to gorge on a whole cake in one sitting, and it is not about quitting exercise & not being healthy.

Looking after yourself is a huge part of the movement. Being body positive means being fit and fitness doesn’t have anything to do with your size, but it does have a lot to do with what you put in your body.

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The Last Word: Bodily Autonomy Is Crucial!

It’s crucial for you and for the world, as we work towards a world where everyone can live with the same respect, representation, and opportunities.

Remember, it’s “body positivity” — not “just-for-my-body positivity,” not “bodies-similar-to-mine positivity,” not “bodies-I’m-immediately-comfortable-with positivity.” Broaden your beauty standards beyond what media deems is okay, and you are already well on your way.

So, take some time out for yourself and think about what you feel for your body. Be kind to yourself, be empathetic towards other bodies, and you are already a part of the body positivity movement.

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