25-Minute Full Body Workout

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Several people find it difficult to take out time for work out. Are you one of those people? Have no worries; we have a solution for you. This 25-minute full body workout will be more than sufficient for you to be in shape and stay fit.

This workout is modified to meet your requirements. Take a look at it and see if it fits your routine:

Warm Up

Start with boxing position, bounce up and down.

To keep your heart rate high, do this between the exercises. The warmup consists of three exercises, and each exercise should be performed at least two times for a minute each round.

Full Body Tap

Get into the plank position. Keep your shoulders above the top of your hands, tap the following body parts: hips, knees, toes, and shoulders. If you want to modify, do this exercise on your knees. Do this for about thirty seconds to one minute and with every day increase your timings.


Drop yourself at the bottom with your hips as low as possible. Align your quads with your hips. Some people just go halfway down that is okay if you are lifting the extremely heavy weight. Otherwise going as down as you can is preferable. For a more challenging version, increase the intensity of the move by jumping up when you squat e.g., doing jump squats. Squats can be done on the machine as well as barbell rod.

Rope Pull

Keep your hands up, lift both your legs and try to hit the sky. Make sure the pressure comes on the belly and the lower abdomen muscle.

The Main Workout

Now that you are done with the warm-up let’s get down to the main full body workout. There are going to be five exercises with two rounds. All five exercises should be performed for one minute in the starting round. To close out the routine, cut off 30 seconds, do the same exercises but for 30 seconds each.

Exercise 1: Push Up To Power Plank

In this exercise, your knees will be touching the ground when you get into the plank position. Actively hop your feet outside of your hands. Do a push up at this time making sure your elbows are tight when you lower yourself. If you want to modify, use your knees to do the push up, and then step up your feet to the outside of your hands on both sides. This will test your strength and also increase your endurance level.

Exercise 2: Heisman

25-Minute Total Body Workout2

Moving side to side, keep your hands on the handle, move fast, shuffle, and then slow down. Modify this by varying your speed. Go fast and then slow down to affect your muscles deeply.

Exercise 3: Hip Bridges

Get lower to the ground and bring your heels close towards your knees, squeeze hips up into the sky. Make this exercise more intensive by putting one leg off the ground in the air. For an even tougher method, put both legs off the ground.

Exercise 4: Low Plank Jack

25-Minute Total Body Workout6

Use your elbows to go to the same plank position and your spine at this time should be straight. Then go into a jack, moving your legs in and out. This exercise can be modified by stepping your feet out and in. To make more modifications to this move, keep this in mind that this is a steady and fully controlled exercise. Lower your butt and drop your hips. In the last ten seconds, do this faster in an overdrive.

Exercise 5: Quarter Burpee

25-Minute Total Body Workout4

Go back into the squat position and then get low. Both hands should be on the ground, then get into the burpee position, and jump back. If you’ve just started this, your target should be ten burpees in sixty seconds. Afterward, go for fifteen, twenty or twenty-five according to your abilities. Make it as intensive as you want.

The Finisher

Half Burpee: Keep your eyes forward, go into the plank position, hop your legs forward into a squat, and jump up. Modify by stepping legs back and in, and coming to a standing position.

Now after this intense workout it’s time to cool down.

Cool Down

Bring your heart rate to normal now. Keep your hands towards the sky, the palms wide open, and then go down towards your toes and touch them. Repeat this exercise three times.

If you’ve made it here, congratulations, you have completed your twenty-five-minute workout. Taking out this much time is convenient for anyone. Even if you don’t have time to hit the gym, this is the perfect way to stay in shape and have a healthy lifestyle.

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