10 Essential Fitness Goals You Can Achieve


While having any meal of the day, a lot of people think “what am I eating, and how will it affect my diet?” They MAY even think that they need to start working out. But then the thoughts leave their brain as they finish off their last bite. The major reason people usually procrastinate their ever pending diet is that they do not know where to begin. To help you kick start with your fitness plans we have formulated 10 essential fitness goals that can help you lead a fit and healthy life.

Goal #1: Healthy Nutritional Plan

Before you run off to burn that belly fat, take a step back and see where you are getting it from. Cut the source. Needless to say, avoid red meat, full cream dairy products, and any products that are sitting on the super store shelf with words such as ‘preservative’ ‘artificial flavor’ or ‘hydrogenated vegetable oil’ on the labels. In essence, those huge bags of chips and wafers are a huge no-no. Bring in fortified oat meal, whole grains, seasonal vegetables and fruits, lentils and fish.

Goal #2: The ‘Me’ Time

You start your day rushing for work, and your lunch is accompanied by your work on your laptop. As you leave work, you need to buy groceries before you get home and once you get home, there is an army at the house that you need to feed. Whether you are a mother, a father, a single parent, or a responsible eldest child in the family, you need time for yourself. You are eating healthy, but will you still be emotionally and physically fit after you have spent 5 years of your life juggling work and family? Grant yourself some time to ‘charge’ yourself because even the best batteries run out. Go to the nearest gym, and give yourself time to exercise, sit in the spa, and get a massage. Better yet, go for a slow paced walk around the neighborhood park!

Goal #3: Burn Fat

Once you have fallen into the mind set to give yourself time, start working on utilizing this time better. Take baby steps. Tread-mill at your gym is the easiest and the most adjustable option for beginners. Learn the basic use of operating it by your gym instructor. Long and slow walk burn calories. However, increasing the intensity of your walk burns more over all calories. Sprinting for every 30 seconds after every 5 minute walks is what most instructors recommend. Ask your instructor more about interval training.

Goal #4: Make It for the Future

As humans age, they tend to get more prone to joint diseases like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. These diseases lead to loss of joint flexibility and balance. If you do not want to lose your youth to joint disorders, make cardio/aerobics a part of your daily routine. If you like dancing, you can buy dance aerobics and cardio videos or ask your instructor for recommendations. Usually 25-30 minutes of work out daily is enough to keep you in a good shape.

Goal #5: Gather Strength

The key is to not push yourself over board. You do not want to shock your body with what instructors call ‘over-exercise’ – build up your exercise routine gradually. Make your body get used to the changes you are bringing to your lifestyle. Work on gearing up core strength, especially if you love sports. Start with prone planks, then lateral planks and supine bridge. Go steady; begin with 10 seconds, then build up to 60 seconds.

Goal #6: Leave Your Comfort Zone, Lift Heavier

In order to gain ultimate strength, walk out of your comfort zone while weight lifting. Again, do not push yourself hard. Use weights that you can easily carry before you decide to leave your comfort zone. Do 2-6 sets of six repetitions, with resting for 2-5 minutes in between sets. Try using cable machines for easier approach when you think you are ready to lift heavier.

Goal # 7: Focus, Be in it For the Long Run

Whenever you lose the motivation, always look up to people who have achieved the life style you have dreamt of. But remember, life is not all about quantifying yourself – a reward is motivating, but habits lead to achievement. Make fitness your habit if you do not want to be that person who did not get to live up to sixty and enjoy their life time earnings, see their beautiful children grow and get old with their spouse.

Goal #8: Keep in Check

Most people skip their routine checkup and miss out on knowing their vital statistics: blood cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and heart rate. It is necessary to keep them in check to make sure there is no insidious disease getting to your system. They become essential as you approach old age.

Goal #9: Be Realistic

When you are working on making time for yourself, decide what you really want. If you think you will be fed-up after one week of going to the gym, do not forget there are other places to work out. Find a competing partner. Work on hitting the jogging target before them in the neighborhood park. You can ride bikes, dance, or play your favorite sport. If you like the organized and peaceful environment of the gym, that is where you should head. In short, plan on doing what you know you can do and be reasonable about the goals you set for yourself. In addition, set realistic and S.M.A.R.T goals. Don’t set goals that you know you cannot achieve.

 Goal #10: Keep it Fun

If the daily routine on the tread mill and weight lifting bores you, remember there are a hundred other things to do to substitute for the sprint on the tread mill. Browse on what interests you more and schedule your ‘me’ time in the most effective way. Plan a yoga class one day, go for swimming or weight lifting the next. When you have learn to stick to your new lifestyle, do not hesitate to pat your back, buy yourself new clothes show off your new physique, or invite everyone to your dance party and show them the stamina you built.

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