How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Winters


This year, winter trends have come with a bang, introducing options for all shapes and sizes. All the old trends that we once loved have made a comeback like bomber jackets, high necks, fur and lots and lots of velvet. I have been beyond excited to incorporate these amazing statement pieces into my wardrobe but my budget has other ideas. In my opinion, every item of clothing you purchase should be an investment that pays for itself. Most things we buy should be things that we see ourselves wearing often, otherwise it’s just an impulse buy that’ll sit in the closet after one use. And that kind of thing is only excusable once a month…

So, to make up for the ginormous hole in the pocket, here are some tips that’ll help you incorporate some of your summer clothes into your winter looks and save yourself from spending too much.

  • One of the simplest things you can do is to layer up. Use those cute summer shirts you feel are too thin for winters and pair them up with your most comfortable hoodie or denim jackets or both. Add some long thick woolen socks on top of your jeans and your worn out combat boots.

This will not only look super cute but it’s easy to throw together and will save you time in those freezing winter mornings when the last thing you want to do is get out of bed let alone plan a whole outfit.

  • Utilize all those summer essential plaids that you have piled up in your closet. You can tie them around your waist over a basic t-shirt and some jeans with a leather jackets on top. You can even wear them underneath some plain basic sweaters to add a bit of fun and a pop of color. This will help you break the monotony and add variation to the same old sweater, so you can wear it many times.
  • If you think you won’t be able to wear any of your dresses this season then you’re wrong. The transition of a cute summer dress to a winter outfit is my favorite thing to do. Add a nice chunky sweater on top of your spaghetti strap dress and throw on some nice tights and boots. Your dress will second as a skirt and will be unrecognizable. Similarly, you can wear a warm shirt underneath your dress paired with a chunky necklace, leggings and heels, and viola, you have the perfect outfit for a night out.
  • Use those plain or printed button down shirts we all love to throw on in the summers and pair them up with scarves and mittens and some adorable ear muffs or a beanie. Infinity scarves are all the rage and look adorable as well as keeping you warm. Pair it with some thick long socks and boots. Throw on a jacket and you’re good to go.
  • Don’t feel too bad about all the money you spent on several pairs of shorts. Although in the summers it may have felt like a necessity there, in the winters all you want is to go back in time and save a few bucks. Well not to worry. You can totally rock a pair of daisy dukes on Christmas. Just add some cute thick woolen tights underneath and a nice chunky sweater on top and you warm as well as festive.
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