Summer Makeup Looks 2017


Dressing up is fun for everyone, but girls get to do a lot more than just clothes when it comes to new looks. Ladies, you can learn new makeup looks and follow the latest trends to keep up with the trending fashion. Following are a few trending makeup looks that you can try this summer.

1. Eyes

This summer is all about bright eyeshadows. You have probably pulled off that smudged eyeliner look all your life, but now it’s all about yellow and blue eyeshadows. Find a nice blue eyeliner and pull it off all day long. Go for lighter colors during the day and you can use copper and golden eyeliner for a night event.

2. Loud Mouth

Don’t overdo your makeup because your summer clothes are bright enough already. Go for bright lip colors. Orange is the perfect shade for this summer. If you are not very comfortable with wearing such a bright shade then go for a bright reddish orange.

3. Eye Gloss

Keeping it natural and yet having the perfect look throughout the day is the real deal. Put on a bronze and then smudge a little bit of orange lip gloss with your pinky finger. Use a kajal for the water line to make your eyes look bigger.

4. Glow

People with oily skin probably have the best glowing make up look. Add as much shimmer as you like. Use shimmery eye shadows and put on lots of bronze and golden highlighter. Use golden eye pencil to put on the eyeliner if you think eye shadows are too much. Finish with a bright red lip gloss.

5. Lips

Create a lip statement of your own. Take two shades that are only a few shades apart and then put on the darker shade on your upper lip and the lighter shade on your lower lip. You can go for simple pink and red shades. This is a fun look for a crazy party.

6. Glitter

Glitter is a must this summer. Apply it to your eyelids and your lips. Put on a dark lip color and then smudge gloss over it. Dab a little bit of glitter of the same shade on to your lips to make them sparkle while you are posing in front of the camera.

7. Nudes

If you love makeup but you want to keep it simple, then go for a nude makeover. Use taupe shadow on your eyelids and go for a light foundation. Apply a pinkish nude lip color to your lips. To make you look perfect, don’t forget to enhance your eyelashes with mascara.

8. Green Eyes

If you have an olive complexion then this is so far the best thing you can do. Go for a green makeover. It’s not completely green, but of course green enough to have the best makeup look of the summer. Use a light green shade over your eyelids and a darker shade of green for the crease. Mascara is a must and dab a little bit of white eyeshadow towards the ends.

9. Gothic Lips

Remember how you once thought about putting on  a black lip color to look all rebellious. Well, the fashion is back and you can go for it. Wear a black lipstick and blend in with a dark marron or purple shade towards the center. Don’t wear any eyeshadow or even a liner. Do your lips and you are good to go.

10. Eyeliner

Wings have been in for quite some time. But now, it’s time for a half-flick around the corners of your eyes. This will give you proper cat eyes even if you are only using nude eyeshadows.

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