How Fashion Defines Your Individuality?


Everyone out there has his own sense of  luxury fashion and style. What you wear and how you carry everything portrays the side of you that you want others to acknowledge and accept. It can tell a lot about your likes and dislikes. You need to figure out what you really want and desire in order to find out the perfect style and trend for you. Trying different styles and then finally sticking to one till you eventually grow out of that particular phase is the real deal.

First, you have to understand what fashion really means. Everyone has their own definition of fashion, so you got to find your own. You need to figure out what fashion really means to you. Is it about your comfort or you are okay with being uncomfortable for hours to look like a diva. It also depends on whether or not you care about people and their perceptions regarding the culture that you are surrounded with. Stated below are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to figure out your kind of fashion.

1. Ask Your Mirror, Not People

Your mirror is enough to judge you and scan you from head to toe in order to decide whether or not you look good in your new pair of jeans. If you ask others, they will most probably have a different view than yours, because they think differently. So stick to your own mindset and choices.

2. Eastern or Western

You can go for either one of the styles or both and still look good. If you stick to one then it will show your culture, but will leave you with limited options. If you opt for both then it shows that you have a broad mind and that you easily accept differences.

3. Trending Fashion

Whatever is trending is not your style. Make sure that whatever you keep yourself updated with is according to your needs and rules. It isn’t necessary that a jumpsuit will look good on you just because you saw your favorite celebrity wear it too. Try different outfits at different stores to decide whether or not you can carry it well.

4. Understand Your Body

To follow any sort of fashion, you need to understand your body shape. Every single shape is perfect and beautiful in its own way, but you need to figure out what looks good on your body type. Whatever you wear that should give you self-satisfaction.

All of these points basically mean that fashion defines individuality. Wearing loud and vibrant colors can make people believe that you are an extrovert whereas wearing pale and pastel colors can make you appear as an introvert. Similarly, wearing funky clothes can make people believe that you are the party kind whereas always wearing black can give a boring and a gothic touch to your personality. It is not completely about how you appear, because the kind of fashion that you choose to follow also had psychological effect on you which you are totally unaware of. Bright colors can sometimes make you happy where as dull colors can turn you into a gloomy person before you know it. Fashion is a choice which depends on who you really are and what matters to you, so don’t force yourself to follow something that you dislike. Be yourself because after all fashion defines individuality.

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