Eyeliner According to Your Eyes


Eyeliner is beautiful and is one of the products that can change your look dramatically depending on how you apply it and how much you use. While wings look beautiful, they may not be what will compliment your eyes the best. However, if you have an eyeliner look that works for you already, stick to it! But if you are struggling, try out some of these looks which use liquid, gel and pencil eyeliner and see if they compliment your eyes.

1. Round Eyes

Eyes that are large and white. If you can see white above or below your iris, when you look straight, you have round eyes.

To elongate your eyes, simply create a long wing at the edge of your eyes. If you just want to define your eyes, try sweeping either liquid or pencil liner on your upper lash-line from your inner corner to your outer corner.

2. Small Eyes

Small Eyes

Eyes proportionally smaller in comparison to your nose and mouth. Another indicator is if the distance between the tips of your lashes and your brow-bone is short. One of the main things to avoid with small eyes is putting on black liner on your waterline. Doing this will only make your eyes look smaller. Try using white eyeliner on your waterline to open up your eyes more. To frame your eyes, simply apply eyeliner to your top lashes, and on the outer corner of your lower lashes to give you a defined look.

3. Big Eyes

Eyes proportionally bigger in comparison to the rest of your face.

Big eyes are usually more flexible when it comes to eyeliner; you can line both your upper and lower lash-lines without your eyes looking too small, and play around with different wings to see which you like the best.

4. Almond Eyes

Almond Eyes

Eyes which look similar to an almond. It can also be defined when you look straight ahead and your iris disappears slightly into your upper lower lashes.

A little wing at the end of your eye will help lift it up rather than elongate it. You can also simply smudge out any eyeliner you do put in an upward direction. Try not to bring it out straight since it can make your eyes look more slanted rather than bigger.

5. Wide-set Eyes

If there is enough space for another eye to fit in between your eyes, you have wide-set eyes.

With these types of eyes, you may want to focus on emphasising your inner corner to make the distance in between look smaller. This can be done by drawing a line starting at the inner corner of your tear duct without extending it past the outer corners. With smaller eyes, you might want to create a new inner corner by lining just the inner corner of your lower lash-line, without lining your whole waterline.

6. Close-set Eyes

Close-set Eyes

The opposite of wide-set eyes, close-set eyes is when you do not have enough space to fit an eye in between your eyes.

You want to focus on your outer corners to elongate your eyes. When you line your eyes, make a thin line near the tear duct and build it up toward the outer corner. You want to avoid lining the tear duct because this will emphasize the closeness of your eyes.

7. Deep-set Eyes

Deep-set Eyes

Eyes that are set deep into your skull; when you open your eyes, your brow bone looks much more prominent.

Try to avoid smudging any line you draw on your upper lash-line since these can cause your eyes to look more sunken. Apply a thin line, only emphasizing the outer part of your eyes.

8. Hooded Eyes

Eyes which have folds on them; your eyelids will tend to droop down over your crease when your eyes are open.

In order to make your eyes look bigger, you want to outline your eyes, emphasizing the outer corners, or making a wing to uplift your eyes since hooded eyes can tend to sink.

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