What Your Dress Color Says About You?


Clothes can reveal as much about a person as their Facebook profile. They say that, the first impression is the last, and therefore great care must be taken when meeting someone important that you want to have a lasting impression on. Most people will take this as a cue to grab their best dress and fancy shoes. However, you can make the same impression by being a bit smart about the color of your clothes. Color psychology has been studied and observed by psychologist for decades and research shows that people make strong associations with color such as guessing someone’s personality, flavor of food without tasting and even the atmosphere of a party or restaurant. With colors playing such an important role in our life, let’s take a look at what our most preferred colors, when it comes to clothes, say about us.



Red is often associated with boldness, confidence and sensuality. Want to draw attention to yourself? Wear red. It’s the color of energy. It evokes power, strength and creates a visual impact. A great way to grab the spotlight ladies! You can wear it when with the one you love. But be weary of a first date or an important meeting at work. It is such a strong color that it can also signify passion and aggression.



No wonder it’s most people’s favorite color! Shades of blue are associated with everything calm like the sky and the sea. People who wear blue often come across as loyal, stable, peaceful and independent. Blue wearers exude an air of creativity, positivity and charm. People can’t help gravitate towards blue wearers and this is the reason why men who wear blue seem so much more charismatic. Blue is a great color to wear at job interviews as it can make you seem confident and successful.



Black is the most basic and safe color that makes a dynamic impression. The most fashionable of all colors, black can make the wearer appear sexy, confident, stylish and classy. It is also the color of authority, power and strength. But too much black can make you appear Goth or in mourning, so be sure to play it up with some jewels or other pops of color. It is also a slimming color, ladies. Wear black, look slim!



Brown represents everything stable like the ground or mountains. It is associated with someone who is stable and well, boring. Hence the name, grandpa brown. Don’t get me wrong, brown represents intelligence in a person and can help make you seem more approachable. Rock those browns girls and guys!



Another uber-fashionable color, white represents elegance, positivity, sharp mindedness and innocence, all at the same time, making the wearer seem smart, loyal, sophisticated and peaceful. White is the color of balance, purity and new beginnings.



People either love or hate it. Purple is the color of royalty. It inspires wealth, confidence, luxury, prosperity and leadership. Also try going for a lighter shade of it. This hue can evoke meditation and mental awareness.



Pink is classically thought to be a symbol of femininity. This is not true, however. An extremely confident man or strong, confident women can also wear pink. It is said to soothe out aggression and shows a softer and more sensitive side in the wearer.

Orange, yellow

orange yellow

Not in the mood to wear red, think orange! Orange has the power to bring out creativity, while yellow can exude fun and liveliness. These colors burst with creativity, a thirst for adventure, fun and friendship. The wearer appears cheerful and optimistic.

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