What Not To Do In Your PCOS Workout


Working out rigorously but can’t see a change in your PCOS condition? There are things you need to avoid while working out to start seeing results with PCOS. Exercising while having PCOS is different from doing regular weight loss exercises – but doesn’t have to be less enjoyable. Check out these helpful tips before your next workout and make sure you’re are moving in the right direction to bring about the change you want to see.

Say No to Exhausting Workouts

High-intensity workouts can trigger the stress hormones, cortisol, which may lead to anxiety, depression, sleep & weight issues. It is important to have a balanced routine with cardio and weight training that is customized to your fitness level.

Say No to Spot Reduction Efforts

Overdoing workouts to target specific areas, e.g., belly fat, is not effective. A full-body workout helps you reduce fat and achieve hormonal balance by leveling up your overall metabolic rate.

Say No to Heavy Weight Lifting

This doesn’t mean you should fear the weights. You should just focus your resistance training sessions on endurance, which means lifting lighter weights or resistance bands for a higher number of reps such as 10 and 20 reps of a given move per set.

Say No to Unbalanced Routine

High levels of intense exercise mean irregularities. Opt for the more moderate approach that means balance your sweat efforts and give yourself both lower-intensity and higher-intensity days for example if you workout out five days a week, focus three days on HIT workout and two days on resistance training.


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