Find The Motivation To Exercise Today With These 3 Tips


Seeing results from physical activity takes commitment – you must put in the time and effort to make progress; there’s no way around it. What do you do when you simply don’t feel like exercising today, though? Unfortunately, it can happen to all of us, but it’s easy to fall into the habit of making excuses, and in this article, you will learn some ways you can talk yourself back into getting motivated to work out even on bad days.

Stand Up & Get Moving

If you’re feeling particularly unmotivated to exercise, laying down in bed or on the couch isn’t going to do much to make you feel better, and it definitely won’t help you reach your goals.

Once you actually start moving around, it becomes easier to go about your daily routine, and for a lot of people, exercise is part of that. Of course, everyone has off-days, but they will pass; stick to your routine, and once you finish your workout, you’ll feel much happier you didn’t miss out.

Think About Your Goals

Having something to strive for is an integral part of staying motivated, and it’s an excellent idea to have both short and long-term ones to keep you on track.

The bigger picture is nice to think about, but the individual sessions that help you get there are just as essential. You can accomplish a lot in one day and improve from the last workout you had, and if you skip training today because you don’t feel like it, it will only slow you down.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

Thinking about the present and future can certainly be effective ways of getting motivated, but looking at the past can also be valuable.

If you haven’t been recording your progress, you should start now because if you look back and see what you’ve achieved, it can inspire you to keep moving forward. Even those who haven’t been exercising very long can still benefit from this strategy because it’s possible to see rapid changes when first starting.

Still Unmotivated? Therapy Can Help

A lack of drive can be a symptom of various issues, including anxiety and depression, and if you’ve been struggling with motivation problems for a while now, some guidance could prove to be very useful.

Working with a counselor at BetterHelp can help you discover the underlying reasons you could be feeling unmotivated and help you find ways to light that spark again, not just for working out but in other essential areas of your life. Click the link down below to learn more about how you can address motivational issues:


It’s common to feel tired and possibly burnt-out from your other responsibilities, but don’t let that prevent you from enjoying a workout. Exercise is challenging, but it’s also meant to be fun, productive, and a way to escape from stress, at least for a little while. Nonetheless, if you’re feeling a lack of motivation today, sometimes it’s as simple as moving around and finding positive self-talk to stay on your exercise routine. You’ll be glad you followed through.


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