Do you Remember these Pakistani Music Pearls from the 90’s?


90’s kids are not kids anymore. We are now the adults responsible for running the world. We are the generation that has witnessed some of the best things Pakistan has produced to-date including some of our evergreen records. Having lived in an era when we had to choose from two channels, we have spent time listening to the same Pakistani music. Yet, some of the music videos vanished from our sights and hearing to the point that they are now only preserved in our memories.

Let’s revive those memories.

Here are 5 amazing music videos from the 90’s that have entertained and kept us glued to our television sets.

1. Tanhayi — Fringe Benefits

Do you remember Fringe Benefits from the early 90’s? The two-member music band had done pretty well with their first album. Their vocalist Shehryar had made waves in the music industry for sure, with Yeh Zindagi and Tanhai being their best. Unfortunately, they disbanded and we were deprived of some melodious tunes.  Watch the video and revisit your good old days of teenage.

2. Dekho Sanam Aik Baar – MusicMath

This is something really precious. It took me a while to recall this one. It was only after they reached the “Tu ker lia waada pyar ka…” part that I remembered it. Check if your brain cells can recognize this wonderful melody by MusicMath way back from the 90’s.

3.      Teri Gali Ana Hai — Saroor

Admit it we have laughed at it, sang along with it, and resorted to it for our daily dose of entertainment. The picturesque lyrics would have taken you to an imagination of your own, had it not been accompanied by an equally scenic video. Hats off to Saroor for making our teenage more enjoyable.

4.      Aja Baliye — Yasir Akhtar

This one is all about catchy tunes and an adorable video. And it’s rather hard to forget. From using Awaami Markaz (now known as EOBI mall) for shooting to the female model wearing the most famous lawn print of that time, the video had all the eye-catching elements. Also, do not forget the tape recorder being the main player. What could symbolise 90’s more than a tape recorder?

5.      Fikar na Faaqa — Sharique Roomi

Fikar na Faaqa brought instant popularity to Sharique Roomi. It was released in 1998 from the singer’s insanely popular album, “Hi Boy.” While the youngsters have approved of it readily, same could not be said about their parents. For them, the song was destroying the new generation. Compare it to what is telecasted nowadays, this one was pretty innocent in my opinion. Watch it now and re-live the golden age of music.

Did you just have a good jog down your memory lane? Let us know how many of these Pakistani music videos were you able to recall?

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