Chef – The Indian Remake


Ever since its trailer release, people had been waiting eagerly for the Indian adaption of the Jon Favreau’s Hollywood movie of the same name. Chef’s Indian version, starring Saif Ali Khan, has received mixed reviews.

The Story

chef The Story

Roshan Kalra (Saif) is a three-star Michelin chef who’s been busy making a career of his own back in NY, USA. His son, Armaan aka Aari (Svar) misses his father’s involvement in his life. Roshan comes back to India when he gets fired from his job and decides to spend some time with his family (son and ex-wife). Biju (Milind Soman), his ex-wife’s friend, offers him a chance to run a food-truck business. This change creates a secret recipe of a successful father-son relationship. The business’s success adds a cherry on the top.

A Delicious Emotional Recipe with Mouthwatering Humor

A Delicious Emotional Recipe with Mouthwatering Humor

The director, Raja Krishna, has added a desi angle to the Hollywood original. In addition to food, the film highlights a slice-of-emotion through the bond of love and togetherness.

Chef captivates your attention on three fronts:

First, it takes you on a gastronomical adventure. One where the culinary skills of the Saif Ali Khan will make you grab your apron and get going.

Second, it takes you on an intense emotional journey, which ties the loose ends of the son-father bond.

Third, it highlights the importance of gender neutral jobs. Chef is a job that both men and women can take pride in doing. And this can diversify the restaurant industry. No doubt, it is a good initiative to promote such less talked about issues in a movie.

Chef’s Review

As much as we love talking about food and watch reality shows related to it, we really don’t get to see a lot of food-related movies. This is where Chef stands out. Also, the last time we saw Saif Ali Khan as a chef in a movie, was Salaam Namaste.

Chef’s Review

Chef is a transitional movie that caters to the masses and many people will find it relatable to their own story in unique ways. It’s just not about a Michelin star chef who’s trying to figure out life on his own, it’s about a family and its independent ways of survival.

People were curious to see if Saif Ali Khan’s movie Chef will live up to the expectations, considering Jon Favreau’s blockbuster performance in the 2014 original movie. And the response is mix, with the general masses singing praises of Saif Ali Khan on social media.

On the other hand, some Bollywood critiques are not very happy about the Indian movie adaptation.

Did Saif Ali Khan do justice to John Favreau’s Chef by stepping into his shoes?

What do you think? Let H TV know your reviews.

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