Easy Tips to Darken your Eid Mehendi at Home


Who doesn’t love dark Mehendi on their hands? Because I do! After all, it plays an equally important role in enhancing your Eid look.

When it comes to Mehendi designs we pick the best designs and know where or who can apply such designs but there is only little we can do about the color.

Now as it’s almost Eid, and you don’t want to compromise your Mehendi color, below are some ways to achieve even darker Mehendi color naturally at home.

Lemon & Sugar Paste

Once your Mehendi is completely dried, apply this paste on top of it with the help of a cotton ball. This lemon and sugar paste will enhance your Mehendi color even more. But, be careful when applying, overdoing it may result in lightening the color.

Clove Smoke

Clove smoke is great to darken the Mehendi color. Just place few cloves on a pan and turn on the heat. Place your Mehendi-covered hands on top of the pan to get maximum clove smoke. Repeat it twice and see the results.

Vicks or Mustard Oil

Vicks or mustard oil is a great enhancer to your Mehendi. Before applying either one of these make sure you have scraped off all the Mehendi from your hands. Once it is done take a generous amount of Vicks or mustard oil and cover your hands with it. These two are a great Mehendi color booster.

Before applying Mehendi design make sure that your hands are clean and free from any moisture or dirt as they can act as a barrier and prevents skin from absorbing the Mehendi fully.

Eid Mubarak Everyone!


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