What Feels Better Than Sex – Beauty Edition


Some people would say that bad sex is still better than no sex, but I disagree. It’s a waste of time and energy having a less than satisfying experience between the sheets. Plus, I believe that there are plenty of things that are more enjoyable than a mediocre roll in the hay. 

When your eyebrows are on point

The eyebrow can be a major game-changer in your makeup routine as it frames the whole face. What if you don’t have to trim or make your eyebrow ever again. Imagine you are blessed with full, thick eyebrows that don’t need any help.

Never having to wax or shave again

Facial and body hair can be a problem, particularly as current trends favor a smooth and hair-free appearance. Imagine yourself never having to wax or shave again. You are free of facial hair and body hair all the time. I know very satisfying!

Your natural lashes are better than false lashes

Think about it, your lashes are naturally tinted, long, and gives a full mascara effect. Imagine never going through the hassle of applying mascara to make lashes look fuller and longer, never worrying about getting a lash extension, and never applying Vaseline or castor oil to grow your lashes longer.

Waking up with a natural glow

When you roll out of bed in the morning (after hitting snooze a dozen times), your eyes are still half-shut while you start your morning routine, you look in the mirror and see your skin glowing. Just imagine waking up every day with a natural glow.

When you finally find the perfect highlighter

Finding a perfect highlighter is very difficult. Imagine that you finally find a highlighter that is illuminating and mesmerizing with eye-catching sheen and glowy. And is a perfect match to your skin tone and skin type. 

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