What does your Eyeliner Style say about your Personality?


There is an old saying that eyes speak volume, which is true and so does our eyeliner style. This black line is so simple to apply yet can make a statement just by looking at it. It doesn’t only enhance your eye and facial features but also can give a little insight into your personality.

Follow our guide to find out your personality according to your eyeliner style.

Glittery-Glam Eyeline

Happy-go-lucky & Optimistic

You have a really positive and confident attitude towards life. Even during difficult situations, you stay calm and look for another way out rather than panicking. Also, you love shiny-sparkly things.


Fun-loving & Cheerful

You are a happy person and loves to make people laugh in weird situations. You love socializing and are extremely fun-loving.

Smudged Eyeliner

Free-Spirit & Carefree

You live freely without following any rules. You hate daily schedules and routines. You believe in go with flow phrase because of which you do what is right at that moment.

Colorful Eyeliner

Confident and persistent

You have a confident and fearless personality. You don’t get influenced by other’s thinking; you only believe in what you think is the best for you and you love bold-bright colors.

Extended Wings Eyeliner

Intense, Passionate, and Enthusiastic

You are passionate and serious about life. You have a purpose and no matter what happens you will try your level best to achieve it. Your extended wings eyeliner styles make you stand out in public.


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