Saving Lazy Girls with these beauty hacks

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Waking up in the morning is already hard enough for every living soul who loves their sleep. (I think that makes the entire population of the world clearly.) What is ever harder is dragging yourself off to bed knowing that you have to dress up before you leave the house. By dressing up, I do not just mean standing in utter confusion to what you should wear but, how you should look like. So, it’s okay to admit that contouring and winged eyeliner is not what you’d possibly want to go for every day. These days, a girl like me who finds it difficult to even get off her bed let alone put on a whole ton of products first thing in the morning; that’s where these beauty hacks walk in our lives. Who doesn’t love to look astonishing?

So, for the next time you’re running late for work and only have five minutes to look beautiful, or would like to save time up for finishing your favorite TV Show before heading out for dinner, it’s time for a quick effective game plan girls. Just pick up these tricks to being ready in a jiff and enjoy the luxury of looking gorgeous without the hard work.

1. If you’re usually pouty: Use a lip crayon

These products can be applied without any mess. You practically don’t even need a mirror when you become a pro. Try going for a color that would make you look awake and happening like a bright coral or purple.

2. If you rarely sleep a wink- Apply a brightening liner

Waking up to droopy swollen eyes is the everyday attack. Fight it off with choosing a beige or white brightening liner pencil along the waterline, popping your eyes to looking you slept well last night.

3. Blessed with good eyelashes and love to flutter, meet Black Mascara your new bestie

Flutter with your bright and cheery face just with a magic trace of black mascara over your eyelashes. How quick can this be girls?!

4. The combat with the eyeliner- Playing Card is your coach

Take a plain old playing card or any visiting card and use it as a protective barrier between your upper eyelid and your eyeliner. This is the best hack for those girls that just can’t seem to get it right the first time and end up looking like girlfriend Lady Gaga after a concert.

5. If you have jungle brows- Put them on leash with a clear mascara

This is especially for those girls who are not fans of even the basic makeup or don’t even have that much time. Eyebrows are what shape your face’s canvas, therefore it’s important to look after them. Just swipe a coat or two of clear mascara to tame them in to place for the day.

6. Too lazy to make your hair- have a hairdo over the night

Just add some mousse or crème, braid, then off to slumber. Wake up to soft morning waves. What more to ask than waking up to Victoria Secret’s angel’s hair?!

7. Being glam in a bam- Curl up

This one is a life-saver when you have no idea what to do and want to look magnificent for the night too. Put your hair in a high pony tail, section into 2-4 parts (depending on hair thickness), and then curl each section. Wait for hair to cool, then take out pony. Voila! You’ll have easy, beachy waves that take under three minutes.

8.Waking up to a half done make-up face nightmare- Baby wipes is here to say goodnight

A multi-step nighttime routine when all you want to do is sleep? No, thanks. That’s why there are one and-done makeup wipes/baby wipes — that get rid of oil and makeup (even waterproof mascara!) — are perfect for helping you hit the hay in record time.

So get your sleep today with ease to look like a beauty tomorrow in a sneeze