Phitkari (Alum) for Beauty-Try It!

A natural beautifier!


There will be very few homes in Pakistan that do not have phitkari. Commonly used for water purification and a very effective remedy for ‘chaalay’ (mouth sores), phitkari or alum is a highly underrated naturally occurring substance. It has antiseptic properties. But did you know that phitkari has fascinating powers when it comes to its usage for beauty?

Below we have collected all the ways you can incorporate alum in your beauty regime. You simply will not want to go back to hazardous, chemical products once you know just how wonderfully helpful phitkari can be. Read on to find out more.

Alum for Hair Removal

These naturally occurring salts have been in use for beauty purposes since the ancient times. Women at home did not have any kind of Veet-like products, razors or other hair removal options. They either had to scratch the hair off with sharp stones or opt for the gentle alum. You too can use this method to get rid of unwanted hair.

Phitkari (Alum) for Beauty-Try It!6

All you need to do is mix powdered phitkari with rose water and a few drops of olive oil, and apply it to the area where you want to be hair free. Let the mixture dry and then apply another round of the same concoction. Repeat 3-4 times and then scrub off with cotton. You will notice visible difference. Make sure you moisture after this treatment as it can be drying.

Perfect Deodorant

Yes, no more do you need to use those cancer causing deodorants. Alum is here to save you from smelling bad and darkening underarms. It is ‘the’ cure for you.

Phitkari (Alum) for Beauty-Try It!5

All you need is a block of solid alum in your bathroom cupboard. Simply rub it like any deodorant under your arms to remain blissfully odor-free throughout the day. You can even keep a small block in your purse to renew the ‘perfumeless perfume’. It neither itches nor does it give off any weird smells. Make sure you apply it under clean armpits.

Shaving Cuts

Tired of getting nicked every time you shave?

Phitkari (Alum) for Beauty-Try It!3

Simply rub an alum stone on the area you want to shave and then shave. You will be pleasantly surprised by how well this works.

Acne and Wrinkles

This may sound surprising and most people don’t know, but alum is excellent for curing acne. It kills off bacteria and helps keep your skin smooth and clear. It is also said that it works wonderfully for aging skin.

Phitkari (Alum) for Beauty-Try It!2

Simply mix some alum powder with “multani mitti” and rose water. Apply to face for 15 minutes and rinse off. Try this mask twice a week and notice the positive change.

Cracked Heels

Been ignoring your feet for too long? Don’t waste money on expensive pedicures.

Phitkari (Alum) for Beauty-Try It!1

Opt for phitkari dissolved in warm water and few drops of lemon. The results will sent you in raptures of joy!

Try out all the above mentioned remedies and let us know how your phitkari game is going!

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