Nail Trends That Aren’t Tacky


There’s always such a fine line between tacky and aesthetic when it comes to nails and its easy to tip over to the tacky side when getting creative. Here’s is a list of classy nail trends that are definitely going to keep you on the safe yet bold side of things

1. Diamond nails

It’s extremely easy to go over the top with diamond nails because who can resist adding a little extra sparkle? But key with diamond nails is minimalism. Keep it short and sweet. Pick at most two colors and pick the nails you want to add bling to. It’s usually best to add one diamond each if you’re doing multiple nails or one strip if you’re doing just the one. Moderation is key!

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2. Nude nails

It’s undeniable that nudes are never ever going out of style. Whether it’s cute lingerie, pumps, lip colors, or nails. So if you’re going for a bit of a classy and formal feel, look no further than nude nails.

Not only do nudes make you look like a chic professional, they also make you look more put together and are perfect for any professional setting. So head to your favorite nail paint shop and pick up a go-to nude shade!

3. Mermaid nails

Going for a cute and creative look? Mermaid nail stencils are a god-send. They’re quick and easy to use and there’s minimal risk with messing it up. So even someone as inexperienced with nails as me can get a flawless look.

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The best part about this is you can pick any color scheme and then go crazy with it! Glitter, chrome, matte or beads, it can make anything look great. Not to mention it fits with any nail shape and size.

4. Fruity nails

So this has been one of the cutest looks we’ve seen in all of nail history. While this trend requires a bit of extra work, the results are completely worth it! It’s simple. Pick a fruit for your theme and get started!

If you have time and are better at nail art than I am (or financially stable enough to get a fancy manicure -can’t relate-), you can afford to step into a bold territory and add fun fruity art to each nail. But if you’re a beginner, you can stick to a watermelon or lime on one nail and then add vibrant colors accordingly to the rest! Whatever you pick, your nails will add that oomph that you’re looking for to jump start your day!
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5. Watercolor nails

Giving the term ‘nail art’ a whole new meaning, this gorgeous, elegant nail trend is here to stay, we hope! Because there’s absolutely no end to its beauty.

While it is a bit of hard work and it can be time-consuming, it looks like a literal painting on your nails so it’s worth it and then some! And we can’t help but think about all the Instagram validation they’re gonna get!

Tell us which trends sound tacky to you and which ones you’re just unable to let go!


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