Here is How to Care for Your Curly Hair


Like everything in this world, curly hair come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Where on one hand they can make you look effortlessly sexy and the epitome of envy amongst your friends, on the other hand, getting them in control can be quite a task and make you want to shave your hair off. Untamed curls can make you look like a homeless person and believe me when I say that no hair tie in the world can restrain those babies. So, to make you in charge of your own hair, here are some curly hair care tips and hacks that hair stylist swear by. Oprah’s got nothing on you!

1. First things first. Toss out those dense hard bristled monsters you call a hair brush. If you’re blessed with beautiful natural curly hair, a hard brush is your nemesis and will do you no good. Such hair are already susceptible to breakage and the close together teeth of a paddle brush can cause even more hair fall by pulling on those delicate strands. Not to mention that you will end up looking like you’ve been tasered with a high voltage taser gun after brushing. Invest in a large spaced teethed comb to tame, rather than bomb your hair.

hair brush

2. Try skipping shampoo once in a while and directly condition your hair. This technique is referred to as ‘Co-washing’. Shampoo regularly can be harmful on any type of hair and it’s better to give your hair some breathing space. By substituting conditioner for shampoo you ensure that the shape of your curls remains intact and it makes detangling and styling them much easier.

3. Another trend that is taking the curly haired community by storm is called ‘plopping’. What this is all about is substituting towels with t-shirts to dry the hair and then twisting the shirt around the hair and rolling it on top of the head. This is a much gentler way to dry out your curls that doesn’t require vigorous rubbing and hair fall, making them bouncy and manageable. Just wring your hair out with hand after the shower and ‘plop’ those bad boys.

4. It’s time to loosen those purse strings ladies! To look a million bucks you need to invest at least a little in hair products. A high quality hair serum, though slightly expensive, can give you its money’s worth. A pea sized drop of serum applied to ends of the hair will keep it glossy and prevent over drying.

curly hair care tips

5. Another smart investment is to get a good diffuser. Rather than blow drying your hair and then using a curling iron to neaten up those curls, just use a wide mouthed diffuser and substitute 2 heating products for one. It will make your curls buoyant, voluminous and salon ready.

6. A not so popular hack for getting nice tame picture perfect curls is to tie them in a bun on top of the head whilst exercising. The reason behind this is that the sweat from your scalp will moisten the roots and flatten any fly away hair and when they dry in a bun they’ll have a more define shape and will stay in place.

7. Always brush your hair ends before your roots, this prevents breakage by brushing out the more knarly knots at the ends. You can even try and use a few drops of coconut oil in your hair before you brush them out.

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