8 Best Hair Oils for Healthy Hair Growth


Our hair is probably the most ignored part of our body. We take it for granted because they grow back, but sometimes they just stop growing. There can be many reasons behind that though. If we are not taking good diet and are vitamin deficient then our hair just won’t grow back healthy. Also, the hormonal imbalances may put an end to good hair growth. You only realize this once the damage has been done. But don’t worry; you can still undo the hair damage by using various products including hair oils and serums. Following are a few hair oils that are easily available in superstores and you can look for the one that suits your requirements.

1. Castor Oil


Castor oil is used in cosmetics because of its perks related to skin and hair care. Castor oil helps regenerate damaged hair. It helps with hair growth and also treats split ends.

2. Coconut Oil


Coconut oil has a light texture and can be used to control the frizzy hair. Apply warm coconut oil to your hair strands and then work all the way up to the scalp to get good moisturized hair. This will also reduce hair fall.

3. Garlic Oil

Best Hair Oils For Hair Growth

Well, it smells really gross; but look at the brighter side. Ignoring the aroma, garlic oil can help grow your hair longer and faster than you can imagine.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Best Hair Oils For Hair Growth

Tea tree oil is more famous when it comes to skin care and people hardly know about its benefits regarding hair. All you really need to do is add a few drops in your shampoo to get best results. It not only promotes hair growth, but also treats itchiness and dandruff.

5. Olive Oil

Best Hair Oils For Hair Growth

Olive oil is probably the easiest to find in the super stores. It helps hair grow when women are suffering from hormonal imbalances. Massaging your scalp with olive oil regularly keeps your hair healthy and moist which prevents hair breakage. Olive oil has vitamin E which promotes blood circulation beneath your scalp and hence promotes hair growth.

6. Jojoba Oil

Best Hair Oils For Hair Growth

You can find jojoba oil in high-end superstores. It is used in cosmetics for skin and hair care. Jojoba oil is more effective than olive oil and serves the same purpose. It can treat dandruff and itchy scalp. It gets easily absorbed into the scalp and thus helps with faster hair growth.

7. Amla Oil

Best Hair Oils For Hair Growth

Amla oil is added to shampoos and several hair products because of its certain properties that are enough to take care of your hair. Amla hair oil promotes hair growth and prevents the growth of white hair. It treats baldness and dandruff. Amla oil strengthens hair follicle and gives your hair the strength it needs.

8. Onion Oil for Hair Growth

Best Hair Oils For Hair Growth

Find yourself the easiest recipe to make onion oil at home and store it for later use. Onion oil has particles of sulfur and certain vitamins that initiate the growth of baby hair. This helps promote hair growth and is known to be very effect in every age group.

These are the best vitamins for hair growth.

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