5 Tips to Get Pre-Wedding Glow


The wedding season is right around the corner, and it is time to rejuvenate the skin and get that glow back! If you wish to get that healthy, supple, dark circle free skin before the big event, we have the perfect pre-wedding glow tips for you.

Steam Your Face

Steaming helps clear out pores and prepares the skin to absorb products beautifully. One fact of steaming is that it increases blood flow and makes the skin plump and glowy. Do this every day, before your morning skincare routine.

The Home-Made Neem + Aloe Vera mask

This mask cures pimples, helps in fading scars, pigmentation and hydrates the skin. A fun fact about this mask is it reduces signs of ageing. Do this twice a week before going to bed.

Tomatoes for brighter skin

Rubbing tomatoes on your face brightens dull skin and evens out uneven skin tone. A pro tip is to make a paste of the tomato and leave it on your skin for 20 minutes each day to tighten pores. Do this once in two days in the morning.

Say goodbye to dark circles with tea bags

Freeze your used tea bags overnight and apply them to your under eyes every morning. Caffeine stimulates blood flow and helps get rid of dark circles. Do this every morning once a day.

Make SPF your best friend

This will protect you from the suntan and prevent sunburns before the big day. A pro tip is to apply SPF on your lips before your lipstick to avoid darkening lip colour. Do this every day, 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun.

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