Ziauddin College of Pharmacy – Leading the Way for a Disease-Free Pakistan

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The old adage, “Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.” feels more relevant than ever. Modern technology has paved way for man to tackle medical conditions previously deemed incurable. On the flip side of the coin, technology has been found guilty of introducing medical conditions that either take too much time and money to treat, or are inoperable altogether. To fight the ubiquitous issue of healthcare in the country, the Ziauddin organization has been leading the way to establish a disease-free Pakistan. The College of Pharmacy is just another feather in its cap.

The Ziauddin college for pharmacy – Zfp was established at the discretion of Ziauddin’s founder and the government of Pakistan to introduce health reforms in the country. The aim was to train young people to meet the growing demands of health care in the country. The institute over the years grew rapidly and branched out into several different factions; such as a college for medicine, a physical therapy division, a medical technology wing and more.

A Safer and Healthier Pakistan –  College of pharmacy

According to U.N statistics, Pakistan is plagued by a plethora of diseases, with Malaria, Dysentery, respiratory ailments and obesity the most common. The startling fact here is that all these diseases except Malaria, can be avoided by simple precautionary measures. This means that the role of a pharmacist becomes all the very more important, since they have to prescribe appropriate dose of a medicine. What worth mentioning here is that close to 500,000 people annually succumb to wrongly administered meds.

The Ziauddin group understands that the key to us moving forward lies in improving our health infrastructure. The maintenance of highest standards in the practice of medicine and pharmacy is the fundamental pre-requisite to our success as a nation. The curriculum and teaching principles of Ziauddin College of Pharmacy are frequently reviewed by the board for necessary modifications to foster learning.
In the present times, the role of a pharmacist has become far reaching and profound. In addition to having the necessary skill set to excel, a pharmacist needs to exude empathy, humility and compassion; as well as social responsibilities when treating patients.

At Ziauddin, aspiring pharmacists are given maximum clinical exposure to acquire hands on knowledge of the subject. Ziauddin’s program is patient centered rather than product oriented. The comprehensiveness of their pharmacy course allows future pharmacists to recommend people diet plans and lifestyle modifications too, based on their body metabolism and previous medical history. Head on to their website to know more.