Explore Technology Innovations of 2018 in an Essay Form

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Are you a courageous student that is eager to develop his or her writing style? Is the technology topic one of your favorite ones? Then, why not read this article to make yourself familiar with the innovations in technology that can be expressed in an essay form. Modern technologies are discussed heavily these days. This article will teach you how to express your opinion in an essay form. Also, there is nothing to feel shame about while utilizing online writing services and a lot of students already do that.

We admit there are a lot of websites offering college admissions essay on the topic but we also believe that each student has his or her own potential to write an essay on one’s own. Whatever opinion you have, there is always a right to express your thoughts in an essay or article and share it with others. Below are some ideas about technology innovations in 2018 to get started reflecting on.

The Most Widely Discussed Innovations in Technology Sphere to Use in Your Essay

Here we have gathered top rated topics and technologies that have appeared in 2018 and continue to stir the imagination ofexperts in the field.

  • 3-D Metal Printing. This thing manufactures some metal parts of objects and makes mass production of wide variety of many products easier. The machine creates lighter and stronger parts with complex shapes most workers cannot do and control.
  • Artificial Embryos. This genetic technology gives rise to many ethical questions but simultaneously makes a new breakthrough in a thought of how a person’s life can be created and developed without using eggs or sperm cells. Those “synthetic” embryos make us think that soon we can have most mammals born this way in a laboratory.
  • Sensing City. It combines urban design with some important digital technology creating a smart city. The construction will begin in a year, and it is just a developed project now. The company wants to monitor city’s infrastructure and there are also some ethical and privacy rights questions scientists cannot answer now.
  • Artificial intelligence that would become cheaper and easier to use. Currently, AI is used mostly in the tech industry by big companies and the aim is to make it truly available to everybody.
  • Babel-Fish Earbuds. The author of this technology is Google. The program is used for immediate translation for a variety of languages. Technology develops globalized world immensely. The earbud will speak person’s native language while listening to the foreign. The technology can also play it aloud on the phone so the person you need to communicate can understand you.
  • Zero-Carbon Natural Gas that can substitute the natural gas, a big source of electricity. It is rather cheap and always available, making 22 percent of the world electricity.
  • Perfect Online Privacy Maker. This is a cryptographic tool for proving something without revealing the private information. The next time you need to include some personal information on a website, it will be more credible to do so without risking your privacy or being vulnerable to data theft. For banks, it can be a useful way to protect clients’ information.
  • Genetic Fortune-Telling. Kids’ DNA reports can predict some illnesses, suffering a heart attack or cancer. Achild’s genome will be able to say a lot about person’s future.

These are the most incredible technologies to write about. But there is always an opportunity to read about 10 breakthrough technologies changing our world right now.

What You Need to Know Before You Start Writing about Technology

There are a lot of steps before the actual writing process if you are new to the writing sphere. Firstly, you need to know exactly what you want to write. Whether it is a critique of the particular technology, the possible threats of it or a general description and technology advantages, you should narrow down your thesis to the one strong statement and develop it step by step in the main body of your paper.

It is perfect when you read a lot of technology news and are familiar with the changes occurring in the sphere. Using some expert’s opinion about the topic will make you sound more confident to the reader. This allows you to be extremely sure you follow the right path if you are inexperienced in that area. Do not plagiarize, your own opinion is the basis for the essay. Make a habit of using reliable sources only and citing them using a proper format.

There are a lot of articles on the topic. Therefore, try to be unique with your paper and engage the reader with a hook at the same time. You may know that a lot of blog articles, journal articles, professional essays and researches discussing the issue exist. So, you need to stand out and you do not need to use trivial sentences (such as “Technology is irreplaceable these days and it plays a vital role in our lives”).

Do not forget the basics of essay construction. The structure really makes the difference making the reader satisfied and not lost. Do not forget about the introduction with a hook to make it interesting and a powerful conclusion, giving feedback on everything said above.

Of course, you may play with the format of your text: some short stories or jokes (relevant and decent only) will be really helpful, especially when the essay is quite long. This way, your paper will be considered entertaining for almost any audience but you need to pay attention to the scientific articles and academic essays where such things are trivial.

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