What is a Transdermal Patch?


Transdermal patches have been around for nearly 40 years. The most commonly known patch is drenched with nicotine to help smokers kick their habit. Sound familiar?


Patches can be worn anywhere on your skin, preferably in a place with lots veins (and not on your forehead).


One reason why people love the patch is because of how discreet it is, even less so than eating an edible or dropping oil on your tongue.

How Does a CBD Transdermal Patch Work?


Transdermal patches are like band aids infused with CBD.


Your body heat activates the transdermal patch, which allows CBD to seep into your skin, then into your blood.


Unlike topicals, which only affect one area that it is applied to and about three layers of skin deep, patches allow CBD to absorb into the bloodstream. Your entire body will reap the benefits of CBD.


Not only does CBD swim through your blood, but it also bypasses your stomach and liver, such as an edible does. The stomach and liver break down the CBD and make it less effective. Therefore, patches allow CBD to run its magic in its purest form.


Additionally, the patch releases CBD slowly. So you’ll gain the mood-boosting, pain-erasing effects of CBD for the entire 4-6 hours that the patch is latched on. If you want to learn more about this check out Palmetto Harmony who sells them.


Why Use a CBD Transdermal Patch?


From decreasing pain and easing anxiety, to nurturing your appetite; alerting you throughout the day to keeping you asleep at night; CBD has many benefits with little to no side-effects.


Compared to other forms of intaking CBD, the transdermal patch is a great way to finalize the correct dosage. Additionally, if you change your mind and decide CBD is not for you, it is much easier to rip off a patch than it is to un-eat an edible or un-smoke a vape.


As mentioned previously, as long as the CBD patch is stuck to your skin, you’ll receive the benefits of CBD. Other forms of administration tend to have a peak effect and then taper off, requiring you to drip another drop of oil on your tongue, or rip another vape, etc.


CBD Dosage


Even with a pre-made patch, you can control how much CBD you wish to intake. Consider cutting a patch in half for half the CBD or wearing multiple patches if your tolerance is sky-high.

As you may imagine, patches are a bit tedious to create and manufacture. Therefore, they are pricier than the standard CBD product, but even more sustainable and beneficial in comparison.


Do consider that it is quite easier to make a batch of CBD-laiden cupcakes compared to a transdermal patch, but not as simple to ensure each cupcake has the same amount of CBD mixed in.


Overall, transdermal patches are a safe, discreet and consistent way to access the wondrous benefits of CBD.


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