Key points-

  • Relieves chronic cough
  • Treats cold and running nose
  • Improves digestion
  • Ensures proper bowel movement
  • Alleviates congestion and clears chest
  • Excellent nerve tonic
  • Quick acting

Respiratory problems are always a nightmare. Running nose that ruins your kerchiefs, an itchy sore throat, a cough that shakes the very core of your being, breathing difficulties that keeps you awake even at night, a blocked nose, a congested chest, recurrent sneezing…the list goes on, endless. In a COVID era, it is easy to contract respiratory infections- it looks like it took a pandemic to understand the vulnerabilities of our respiratory system.

Your respiratory system- the one that consists of the lungs and the upper and lower respiratory tracts- needs thorough care, but the pandemic and the pollution have made it almost difficult to maintain our respiratory health. We get a lot of medicines in the market that claims airway health. Ordinary cough syrups and other medicines may relieve the symptoms, but what you want is a medicine that uproots the causes of respiratory ailments and supports the system, something that powerfully resists infections and inflammations.

We all deserve problem-free breathing, but fear not! Sitaram’s Gorochanadi gulika is here to reinstate it!

Sitaram’s Gorochanadi gulika

Sitaram’s Gorochanadi gulika is a sacred combination of herbal, animal, as well as mineral components, made by merging the principles of Ayurveda and Rasa shastra, the science of herbomineral preparations. Its easily consumable pill form gives results even in smaller doses. The formulation predominantly acts on the doshas vata and kapha and indirectly balances pitta. Gorochanadi gulika is a drug of choice for the conditions such as dry and wet cough, expectoration, running nose, cold, fever, chronic bronchitis, and asthma. It acts as a nervine tonic by influencing the vata and regulates the functioning of both the central and peripheral nervous systems. It corrects the course of vata and ignites agni, thereby reinstating the appetite and bowel movements. Some of the respiratory conditions are originated from the hampered agni, and Gorochanadi gulika, by regulating pitta and agni, helps solve them without fail. The meticulous blend of the ingredients like pravala bhasma, karpoora, chirubilwa, pippali, maricha, vacha, triphala, etc gives rise to a potent panacea for respiratory tract issues- Gorochanadi gulika.

The appropriate use of Gorochanadi gulika by considering age, the disease condition, and its degree is known to give desired results rapidly.


  • Mitigates chronic cough and relives chest congestion
  • Clears the chest with its kapha-pacifying action
  • Acts as an antipyretic and reduces fever quickly
  • Removes heaviness of the body and energizes the metabolism
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