The Secrets of Staying Healthy in College


Did you order your favorite strawberry shortcake at the snack bar? Salami pizza twice during the last week? Go to bed at 5 a.m. two days in a row? Stress over the exams?

If you answered “yes” to at least two of the above, you just need a few pointers on how to develop healthy college environments.

Learn Time Management

If you learn how to organize your time properly, you will feel healthier. You will easily find time to go shopping for energetic foods. Because eating out makes you suffer from food insecurity. Students usually don’t have enough cash to have a snack in a bar or a cafe. They don’t have enough time even for sleep. Therefore, if you deprive yourself of quality sleep, you deprive your brain. To do better in college you have to sleep well.

How to develop the habit of proper sleep:

  • turn off all gadgets before going to bed
  • turn off your mind by using exercises to provide mental health, try yoga, and walk in the park before going to bed
  • if you feel tired, have a quick power nap to boost your energy levels
  • make your bed soft and comfortable by using the right mattress that will fit your back and head
  • select the right kind of pillow to prevent you from being disrupted at night
  • make your room dark, cool and quiet
  • cut off your caffeine drinks in the afternoon and the evening
  • give yourself 7-8 hours of sleep per night

So, time management comes up with the problem of organizing quality sleep.

Doing More Exercising

Doing more exercising provides mental wellness. Being active can help your mind and body as well. When you go in for sports, you will get more drinks, especially water. It promotes staying hydrated and you are feeling full of energy ready to struggle with any problems. You don’t have to go to the sports club to be fit. Just try walking instead of using any kind of transport when you get to classes.

Then join the sports club in your college. Most colleges offer free classes. The immensely popular are fitness, aerobics, and gymnastics. Don’t forget to make new friends. Right friends encourage your healthy lifestyle. Some campus programs offer outings at many different times so it works if you don’t have free time. Take care of yourself and you will rock the social life.

Avoid Multitasking

Most teachers confirm that multitasking negatively impacts studying in college. It ultimately reduces students’ ability to recall information.

When you do homework while watching videos or listening to music, you will not pay much attention to the subject. Your ability to focus is really low. But some students say they don’t think watching TV or using gadgets while preparing study material makes any difference in the result of the work. They forget that sometimes they are stressed and frustrated to focus on the work.

Moreover, some freshmen always eat while studying. They can easily overheat.

Therefore, try to avoid multitasking to struggle with these problems. Follow these easy pointers:

  • turn off your gadgets so you can properly pay attention to the task
  • try preparing homework in a cozy space sitting in a comfortable armchair
  • use time management (do your homework after classes, don’t waste your free time)

More to this, if you see that you cannot cope with all the tasks and want to say “Write my lab report for me” to someone, do it. Find professionals to do work for you and set priorities properly.

Maintain Good Immunity

Studying in college, you are around thousands of people every day, some of which might have the flu or some other virus. Nobody wears a sign. They may not even realize they are contagious.

Prepare yourself for the numerous germs encounters you will have during classes so you can prevent being ill in college. Wash your hands, don’t share food or drinks, keep your room clean, use your sanitizer. When you have a habit of cleaning your living space, be sure you will stay healthier and more positive. Cleaning your bathroom, keeping your rooms sanitary, cleaning your surfaces on campus will pay dividends in keeping your living area healthy. Open your windows and doors to make fresh air circulation in rooms to damage dust and dander.

And if you are feeling sick, stop attending classes and take care of yourself. You don’t want to spread germs so don’t make your health worse. Stay in bed, relax, and drink herbal tea. If you feel worse, you may see a doctor.

To keep infection away just eat more fruit and vegetables. There are many kinds of salads and greens in your college. Dining services provide a good variety of meals. So, enjoy tasting mixed greens one day and spinach salad the other.

Your experience in college is exciting and precious for your future. You will face challenges and enjoy happy moments of your student life. Do your best, and most of all, enjoy yourself. Manage your time for reading your favorite book, hanging out with friends, watching your best movie with a cup of cocoa during cold winter evenings.

Take it easy and relax when you need to improve your mental and physical health.

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