Tips on Choosing Summer Wedding Dresses


While many brides dream of a hot and sunny summer wedding day, this is often not the case. Yet, there wedding planning doesn’t consider that the weather may not be on their side, including for their dress. The months of June, July and August bring about many beautiful wedding days with glowing brides, but how do they choose a summer wedding dress with such ease? They don’t! Many brides take hours to research tops on choosing summer wedding dresses, and they only decide on one when they’re absolutely sure they love it. JJ’s House offer a variety of wedding dresses that brides are sure to love, especially if they’re wanting that perfect summer day. The experts know what they’re talking about which is why they’ve put together some top tips on choosing a summer wedding dress below.

Be versatile

It is useful to look for a dress that has the option of adding a bolero or shrug over the top if the day is a little chilly. There is nothing worse than feel cold and uncomfortable on your wedding day, which is wh having this option is necessary. As the evening arrives, it’s bound to get a little windy so it’s worth shopping for something over the top of your dress. Also, with this in mind you have to consider the type of wedding dress you’re buying, it must match the style of your pullover too.

Avoid a fishtail

A tight mermaid style dress does look beautiful, there is no denying this. However, if it’s hot and sticky on your wedding day then the extra material on the fishtail is sure to create an uncomfortable feeling around your legs. Try going for a looser and softer style that is ideal for playing games on the lawn r even having a go of some fun activities. Most brides dream of that fishtail but sometimes it’s not practical and something else should be considered instead, this is especially true in the summer months.

Try natural fabrics

Silk, cotton and wool are all natural fabrics that are breathable and perfect for a hot summer wedding day. Considering these fabrics over synthetic ones will mean you feel a lot better throughout the day, no matter how warm it gets. They’re able to keep you cooler than other fabrics and still look super gorgeous too.

Don’t rule out lace

People often assume that lace doesn’t combine well with summer and the heat but it can be great. Not only does lace look beautiful on wedding dresses but it isn’t as hot or stuffy as some say. Lace is a perfect option for any princess who loves to feel girly and can’t wait to marry her prince. As a quick tip, try on your wedding dress after you’ve purchased it when it’s a super-hot day, do this before the wedding and in time to take it back if necessary. Doing this will give you an idea of how well the dress works in the heat and whether you’ll be able to wear it on the day. Plus, it will also give you time to take it back if you decide against it.


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