Online Pharmacies Trends shaping Pakistan’s E-Commerce industry


Covid-19 has reshaped the way we live. It has made almost everything technologically dependent. Many businesses have become digitized since the past year. These tough or succor times have pushed us to transform the ways we deal, trade, or do business.

Although the pandemic has been causing huge destruction, it has made the use of technology even more fundamental in our lives. The payment methods have become easier. Now we do not need to carry cash around all the time. E-wallets and digital payments have increased up to 8% since last year.

Pakistan’s E-commerce industry

Since the past year, the e-commerce industry has reached exponential heights. We can find everything online today. Pakistan’s e-commerce industry has boosted up to 35%, according to the reports of the fiscal year 2021.

According to the speculations, Pakistan’s e-pharmacy industry will see a rise of about 17.3% in the coming years. In Pakistan, Punjab, at 55%, is the highest contributor to the e-commerce industry, followed by Sindh at 36%, and other provinces altogether contribute 9% in the growth of the e-commerce industry.


Many businesses selling everyday essentials, including pharmacies, have gone online. E-pharmacies have become quite common. There are various websites in Pakistan that deliver medicines at our doorstep. E-pharmacy has many benefits. Some of them are described as under:

Variety of medicines at one site with a detailed description

Physically going to a pharmacy is quite a task, especially if you have a very busy schedule. E-pharmacies have made this task very easy. You can go to any of the sites and order the medicine online. This not only saves time but money as well. Also, the products in online sites are not overpriced, and sometimes there are offers going on the sites; you can avail the discount and save a buck.

Safe delivery at any time of the day

E-pharmacies are a great source to get the medicine, especially during Covid times.  One does not need to step out and take the risk of getting infected to buy the medicine anymore. Online pharmacies have reduced the hassle of stepping out. We can order the prescribed medicine at any time of the day. Most of the sites have fast delivery services that may deliver the medicine on the same day.

Easy to use and Reliable

People, especially in Pakistan, are reluctant towards the use of technology and online purchasing due to the fear of getting scammed. But this problem can be solved by finding an authentic source that delivers original products and at a reasonable price. Few of the sites have provided the ease of uploading a prescription on the sites as well. In this way, one can get quick delivery of the products in case of emergency.

Online Discounts and Offers

One can never get medicine at a discounted price from a pharmacy, but through online sites, one can buy the medicine at a more reasonable price. Often times websites sell the medicines at a discounted price to attract more crowds to their sites. These promotional strategies are beneficial for the customers as well as the owner of the sites. Both can enjoy the benefits!

Expired Medicines

The only drawback of getting online medicine is expired medicines. Certain people do not fear anything. They are just there to scam people. Such people are only interested in making profits. For that purpose, they can even sell expired medicines. To avoid such inconvenience, it is better to always make sure that you’re ordering from an authentic and reliable source.

Not everything is a scam. We need to be a little more watchful and cunning before ordering anything online. Make sure to check the authenticity and ranking of the site before ordering to avoid the risk of getting expired medicines.

Growth of E-Commerce and Covid-19

The E-commerce industry has been increasing rapidly growing since past many years in Pakistan, but in 2020 the revenue of e-commerce industry has increased significantly. People are more willingly shopping online since the pandemic days.

Although a lot of improvement is required to satisfy the majority, one must appreciate the ease with which we can get everything. Also, the prices are reasonable due to competition, and the products are authentic as well.

Digitized businesses are emerging in Pakistan since 2020, and we are hoping that this growth never stops. Although, improvements are required in order to gain customer’s trust. The scams and frauds in digitized businesses make people reluctant to buy the products online. We hope to see improvements in online businesses in the near future.

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