Importance of baby wipe warmer in winters


As new parents wanting to buy the best of everything for your little angel, you may often find yourself confused about the utility of certain baby products. You may find these certain products in every big or small baby store but may find yourself torn from understanding the functionality of the product. Baby wipe warmers are one of those infamous baby products that parents often find themselves doubting the worth of. Let’s talk about baby wipe warmers; the meaning, utility, and if you really need one for your baby after all!

A baby wipes warmer, as the name suggests, is a special machine/ equipment designed to let you warm baby wipes before using them on your baby’s sensitive bottom. Baby wipe warmers are often looked at as a product of luxury because most parents find themselves questioning if there even is a need for such a product in the first place; let alone the cost that comes attached to it. Having said that, if you can afford a baby wipe warmer, by all means, go for it! They’ll come in handy particularly in those dry, itchy, bone-chilling, unforgiving winter months, offering extra comfort for your little one during multiple diaper changes throughout the day

First things first: Are baby wipe warmers necessary?

Baby wipe warmers, unlike baby diapers or baby activity centers, are not a commodity that your baby will not be able to do without. A fairly new concept, baby wipe warmers are considered a rather luxurious item to have as it goes an extra mile to provide comfort to your little one like never before.

Imagine changing your baby’s diaper in the middle of a chilly winter night? A baby wipes warmer may make sense. At the same time, however, if you are located in a tropical country and you do not really face a lot of harsh winters, a baby wipe warmer may be a product that you can afford to not have in your baby nursery.

And some baby wipe warmers come with a portable changing pad that is a good investment. Maybe you can put a wipe warmer on your baby registry, considering that it would be great as a baby shower gift. A wipe warmer will keep the wipes warm just the way you and the baby like it. Moreover, they can protect your baby from baby eczema or rash.

To put things in better perspective, here are some pros and cons of baby wipe warmers –


  • Offers added comfort to your baby’s sensitive bottom
  • Some parents report warm wipes prevent boys from peeing on the parent/ caretaker during a diaper change
  • Not highly unaffordable (especially for the kind of warmth it can offer to a baby on a winter day)
  • Most baby wipe warmers are compatible with wipes of all brands
  • Some of the best baby wipe warmers also offer added features like anti-microbial plastic and a nightlight!


  • May cause a fire fatality/ electrical hazard if not used carefully
  • An added baby product to clean and maintain in the nursery
  • The constant requirement of water refilling may get annoying
  • Useful only when changing diapers inside the house; not travel-friendly
  • If your baby gets used to warm wipes, they may act exceedingly cranky on events when you can’t use a warm wipe


Do baby wipe warmers dry out wipes?

To answer it in short- yes, baby wipe warmers can dry out baby wipes. Since baby warmers are supposed to be turned on at all times, the constant supply of heat tends to cause the water in the wipe solution to evaporate, thereby drying the wipes out. You may now argue that wipes also often tend to dry up even when stored in their original container- though that may be true, the rate at which wipes tend to dry out in the warmer is much higher which makes all the difference.

Having said that, some wipe warmers may also come included with a solution to help keep the wipes moist, but again, that is extra maintenance for the parents to take care of.

What are the best baby wipe warmers of 2021?

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s talk about the best baby wipe warmers of 2021-

1. Eccomum Baby Wipe Warmer: $25.98

A steam-operated baby wipes warmer, the Eccomum Baby Wipe Warmer Baby Wipes is made in a unique design that allows you to save on the energy consumed by the device. Operated on a low power consumption model of just 10W, this warmer is rated as one of the best baby wipe warmers on the market and comes included with 80 wipes which cancel the need for frequent wipe replacement. Since this warmer is also rather big in dimensions, a lot of parents suggest using it for not just baby wipe warming but also to hold and dispense warm wipes for the entire family.

When you reverse this warmer, you will further notice four non-slip pads that ensure stability and avoid wobbling of the warmer in your pursuit of accessing the wipes.

Pros of Eccomum Baby Wipe Warmer:

  • Impressive size
  • Low power consumption (just 10W)
  • Non-slip pads at the bottom that ensure the stability of the device

Cons of Eccomum Baby Wipe Warmer:

  • Expensive

2) Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

Another highly-raved and loved baby wipe warmer, the Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer features some uniquely impressive features to take note of. For the starters, as it may be evident by the name, it has a glowing light that goes off automatically after ten minutes. Beating the Eccomum wipe warmer, this one holds as many as 100 standard-sized wipes at once and also comes with a small window that lets you assess the level of wipes remaining. This one, moreover, is also a top heating model which prevents the browning of wipes and ensures moist, warm wipes with each pull.

As for one downside, however, if you put too many wipes in this warmer, you may find only the top few wipes getting warm and the heat not passing through to the lower wipes. Hence, if you need too many warm wipes at once, this warmer may not exactly work for you.

Pros of the Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer-

  • Supports reusable as well as disposable wipes
  • Can hold 100 standard sized wipes at once
  • The nightlight feature makes it easy to change diapers at night or in darkness
  • Spacious

Cons of the Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer-

  • Wipes at the bottom us

3) Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Also featuring a nightlight like the Munchkin warmer mentioned earlier, the Prince Lionheart baby wipes warmer comes with special additives in the unit which curbs the growth of algae and microorganisms owing to the moistening. This unique ‘ever fresh’ system is supported via ‘ever fresh’ pillows within the unit that needs to be regularly changed to ensure warm, mildew-free wipes. As for its capacity, this one can hold 80-100 standard disposable wipes or 16 cloth wipes at once. It also runs on a low voltage system which helps you save on electricity consumption!


  • Antimicrobial
  • Nightlight for easy diaper changes in darkness
  • High moisture retention
  • Low voltage system for energy efficiency
  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight


  • Maintenance of this wipe warmer may get expensive month on month, owing to the three-month ‘ever fresh’ pillow replacement requirement

4) Go-Go Pure Baby Wipes Warmer and Dispenser: $36.99

One of the only wipes warmers in the market to offer two temperature settings (one for the winter and one for the summer) the Go-Go Pure warmer is most loved by parents for how convenient and utile it is! Featuring a night light for easy diaper changes at night, it also further has a silicone seal in the lid that keeps the wipes from browning and during out. A premium baby wipe dispenser, this is one of the best wipe warmers to add to your registry!

On one downside, however, the wipe dispenser latch may become loose and hence open on its own.


  • Two temperature settings (winter and summer)
  • Nightlight for easy diaper changes in darkness
  • Accommodates wipes of all sizes and brands
  • Large capacity of 100 wipes
  • ETL certified


  • The design could have been more appealing and premium-looking, especially given the price point it comes at

5)  Ubbi Baby Wipes Dispenser: $16.99

One of the best baby wipe warmers for households with twins, the Ubbi baby wipe warmer and dispenser features two weighted non-skid baby wipe dispensers in one unit! Sold at a very affordable price, this BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free wipe warmer comes with a rubber seal that keeps the wipes fresh and moist.

The bottom of this unit is made in a non-skid base that keeps the warmer sturdy and in place, while the transparent window at the top lets you monitor the level of leftover wipes. The intelligently-built design also avoids accidental tearing of the wipes. For some brownie points, most parents on Amazon rave about how this multi-purpose wipe holder can even be used to hold items other than wipes like crayons, adult wet wipes, Kleenex, and even brushes of sorts!


  • Multi-purpose
  • A transparent window on the top allows you to monitor the level of wipes
  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free
  • A weighted plate for easy and quick access to wipes
  • The rubber gasket around the lid avoids moisture transferal and keeps the unit airtight
  • Non-skid bottom design


  • The weighted plate wipes are reported leaky in some reviews

Final Thoughts: How safe are baby wipe warmers?

One of the biggest issues or concerns of parents while purchasing even the most top-rated or best baby wipe warmers on the market is around the safety of the warmer. Warmers are often looked at as potential risks because (a) they are filled with warm water (b) it runs on live power and needs to be turned on throughout.

It is only natural for parents to imagine a scenario wherein something goes wrong, the warmer cracks, the warm after comes in contact with live power, and renders a fatal electric shock. Though this doubt is valid and possible, it should be understood that the risk is rather slim and it is only so rare for warmers to break down and cause a fatal injury. If you do choose to buy yourself a baby wipe warmer after having weighed the pros and cons, we advise you to always turn the unit off when you are not at home, just like you wouldn’t leave your microwave or the air conditioner turned on. It may also help to know that the last reported accidents caused by a wipe warmer were back in the late 1990s and the early 2000s; but nothing of late or in recent times.

To sum it up in one line: There will always be risks associated with electronic items; be it a baby wipe warmer or even your laptop (we have all heard stories of laptop batteries heating up and bursting out). It all boils down to the safety measures you follow and how careful you are while handling the device! device.


1) Do baby wipe warmers grow bacteria?

Baby wipe warmers, like any other item that is exposed to constant moisture, can very well grow bacteria, microorganisms, and mildew on them. The growth of bacteria in wipe warmers also remains to be one of the biggest worries of parents while buying a wipe warmer in the first place. Having said that, it should be noted that bacteria mildew growth on a baby wipe warmer can be easily dealt with by regularly changing the water and thoroughly cleaning the insides of the warmer with soap and running water.

2) Can wipe warmers cause diaper rash?

Diaper rashes in babies happen only when a baby’s skin is dry which causes small cracks on their skin and allows bacteria to seep through. Hence, baby wipe warmers don’t cause rashes on their own. Instead, they cause rashes on your baby’s sensitive bottom only in those cases when your baby’s skin is already dry/ cracked and the bacteria inside the wipe warmer is transferred to the wipe and then onto your baby’s cracked bottom.

3) How do you use baby wipes in the winter?

Since your baby’s sensitive bottom may not appreciate the contact of a cold wipe and may result in a cranky, crying baby with each diaper change, the best way to use a baby wipe in winter is by first warming it up. You can either use a baby wipe warmer to dry the baby wipes or can warm the wipes through various other ways like microwaving, immersing it in microwaved warm water, or just by microwaving the wipe itself.

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