How to Lose Weight Fast? – 5 Amazing Secrets Revealed!!


The reason why most people get down halfway through their weight loss journey without reaching their final destination is that the journey leaves them hungry and unfulfilling most of the times.


The first step to lose weight is to be determined about losing weight and sticking on to the rules come what may! Your wonderful transformation at the end will reveal the courage and willpower you had throughout the process.


You can pick your inspiration from a lot of celebrities and some common people out there who achieve an amazing transformation after consistent efforts.


Here are 5 best hacks to make your weight loss trails easy, simple and worth the efforts!


  1. Load Your Plate with Plenty of Proteins 


Increasing your protein intake is like including that one magical ingredient into your diet which is essential for weight loss.


Proteins control hormones that regulate your appetite 


Proteins can change your appetite, control certain hormones that regulate your weight and also boost your metabolism all of which are required for a healthy weight loss.


Proteins reduce the production of a hunger hormone called “Ghrelin” that increases the appetite and promotes the storage of fat.


They also boost the production of certain hormones – “Peptide YY” and “Glucagon-like peptide” which can reduce the cravings and control the levels of hunger.


Proteins burn your calories


When proteins are digested, calories are burnt. So, the intake of more number of proteins burns more calories.


The best protein sources you can consider are dairy products, meat products like different types of fish, beef, chicken and healthy vegetarian sources like legumes, beans and chickpeas.


Here’s to a popular sample Indian diet plan you can try.


  1. Exercising is An Easy Way to Get Those Calories Out! 


Losing weight simply means losing calories. The best way to lose them is to work hard until you can see yourself sweating. Working out also regulates stress hormones and releases endorphins – the chemicals that can enhance your mood.


However, lifting weights is preferable instead of any other work out since it can prevent the slowing down of metabolism and burn excess calories.


The best thing is to do is to join the gym and take the right suggestion from the gym trainer on the type of workout that best suits your body type.


Caution – Lift heavyweights only under proper guidance to prevent any kind of accidental injuries.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water – The Calorie Burner!


There are some studies which prove that drinking cold water, particularly before meals can assist in a healthy weight loss.


There is not one but several ways in which cold water can make your weight loss process easy. One important point is that water decreases your appetite. When you drink water before the meals, you tend to eat less.


Also, water burns more calories than usual. The reason why cold water is recommended is that when you drink cold water, more energy is spent by the body to bring the water to the body’s temperature.


Keep quenching your thirst whenever you feel the urge. Drink 2 litres of water in a day to make the best benefit of drinking water for weight loss.


  1. Cut Down on Sugary Sweets! – The Major Culprits 


Sugar consumption has become the leading cause of obesity and diabetes. The recommended intake of sugar is 25 grams which are equivalent to 6 teaspoons.


Sugar brings in a lot of calories into your body. Unfortunately, we consume sugar indirectly through processed and artificially sweetened foods.


Eatables like sauces, chips and condiments also have hidden sugars in them, the consumption of which makes us exceeds our daily recommended sugar intake.


So, the best initiative for weight loss is to cut down on sugar consumption which means any packaged or processed foods.


There have been many studies that prove the relation between sugar consumption and weight gain.


Also, sugars can change the way your hunger hormones function, which will leave you craving and dissatisfied, no matter how much sugar you consume.


  1. Keep A Track of Your Weight & Feel Proud of Yourself!


The easiest way to reach your target is to set periodic goals and to reach them. The daily targets that you meet will help you achieve your long term goal.


The daily target achievement will give you a sense of satisfaction and motivation to keep moving forward and to not give up.


Keep a track of the number of calories being burnt and the number of calories being consumed for easy achievement of weight loss.


Keep surfing through various weight loss diet plans and try implementing them to keep the spark of motivation alive.


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